Important Cases

  • $1.2M verdict in Medical Malpractice case

    Aroostook County Superior Court, Caribou, Maine. The Plaintiff sought treatment at Cary Medical Center’s emergency department after a piece of wood struck her shin and a pool of blood formed beneath her skin. Despite the dangerous features associated with her injury and the fact that she took blood thinning medication, the Plaintiff was neither monitored nor treated and, instead, was […]

  • $250K verdict in Personal Injury case

    York County Superior Court, York, Maine. The Plaintiff seriously injured his back when he fell through an unmarked hole in the main floor of a house that was under construction. The Defendant and owner of the residential construction site had no warnings, barriers or covers on or around the hole at the time the plaintiff was injured. The Defendant’s failure […]

  • $150,000 verdict in Car Accident case

    Androscoggin Superior Court, Auburn, Maine. In this personal injury car crash case, the defendant denied responsibility for turning into oncoming traffic on a heavily traveled road and colliding with the plaintiff. The impact caused the 34-year-old plaintiff to smash her head on the door frame. The plaintiff injured the muscles, ligaments, and tissue in her neck. The jury issued a […]

  • $2 Million verdict in Medical Malpractice case

    Penobscot County Superior Court, Bangor, ME. 49-year-old plaintiff sued defendant hand surgeon and hospital after the surgeon failed to properly insert a screw into the plaintiff’s hand for a broken wrist. The negligence resulted in permanent damage, complications, and the need for follow-up surgeries by a different doctor. The $2 Million verdict covers the plaintiff’s loss of income, permanent disfigurement […]

  • $150,000 verdict in Medical Malpractice case

    Alfred, York County, Maine. When plaintiff tore the cartilage in his knee he went to defendant, an orthopedic surgeon who recommended arthroscopic surgery, which resulted in further nerve damage to plaintiff’s knee and numbness and weakness in his leg. We argued that the subsequent injury, which caused plaintiff pain and suffering, was due to negligence of doctor by use of […]

  • $275,000 verdict in Sexual Harassment case

    Other Portland, United States District Court, Maine. Two plaintiffs sued defendant restaurant company for sexual harassment claiming defendant’s employee supervisor sexually harassed them thus causing them emotional distress. The case went to jury on the issue of punitive damages. After verdict in favor of one plaintiff of $175,000, the case was settled for a total of $275,000. Prior to settlement, offer was $16,500.

  • $1.785M verdict in Medical Malpractice case

    Maine Superior Court. Bangor, ME. $1.785 million jury verdict against a hospital and a primary care physician, on behalf of a 71-year-old man who suffered bacterial infection in his heart after a failure of his medical providers to communicate with each other regarding the results of blood culture testing. Plaintiffs turned down a $900,000 Offer of Judgment and obtained a verdict nearly double the pre-trial offer.

  • $450,000 verdict in Car Accident case

    Gorham, Cumberland County, Maine. Jury verdict vindicated a Gorham man who suffered a significant back injury because of a car accident and not “after-the-fact” as Allstate Insurance had claimed. Prior to trial, settlement offer was $60,000.

  • $254,000 verdict in Slip & Fall case

    Auburn, Androscoggin County, Maine. In this slip and fall accident, plaintiff suffered personal injury when she fell on a wet, slippery floor at defendant K-Mart’s store. Defendant’s employee was mopping water on floor and failed to post a warning notice. Plaintiff sustained pain and suffering of a broken kneecap. Plaintiff incurred $22,000 in medical bills. Prior to trial settlement offer […]

  • $8.9M verdict in Medical Malpractice – Birth Injury case

    Portland, Cumberland County, Maine. Due to defendant’s negligence, plaintiffs’ daughter was born with cerebral palsy and brain damage. After a prolonged labor, plaintiff requested to have a C-section but her doctor urged her to “stay the course” toward a vaginal delivery. Several hours later baby experienced a decelerated fetal heart rate and mother screamed in pain. Subsequently a c-section was […]