Berman & Simmons Recent Cases

  • $450,000 verdict in Car Accident case

    Gorham, Cumberland County, Maine. Jury verdict vindicated a Gorham man who suffered a significant back injury because of a car accident and not “after-the-fact” as Allstate Insurance had claimed. Prior to trial, settlement offer was $60,000.

  • $8.9M verdict in Medical Malpractice – Birth Injury case

    Portland, Cumberland County, Maine. Due to defendant’s negligence, plaintiffs’ daughter was born with cerebral palsy and brain damage. After a prolonged labor, plaintiff requested to have a C-section but her doctor urged her to “stay the course” toward a vaginal delivery. Several hours later baby experienced a decelerated fetal heart rate and mother screamed in pain. Subsequently a c-section was […]

  • $450,000 verdict in Motorcycle Accident case

    Auburn, Androscoggin County, Maine. Plaintiff was a passenger on a motorcycle that was stopped at highway construction site when it was struck head-on by a pick-up truck. Plaintiff sustained serious head injury and brain damage in addition to broken bones and significant pain and suffering. Both plaintiff and defendant truck driver claimed defendant Maine Department of Transportation was negligent due […]

  • Julian Sweet, Retired

    $1.2M verdict in Medical Malpractice – Failure to Diagnose case

    Portland, United States District, Maine. Plaintiff went to the emergency room with severe neck pain and was diagnosed with onset diabetes, urinary tract infection and bacterium. She was admitted to the hospital where she was seen by defendant orthopedic surgeon for her neck pain and other symptoms and he took x-rays but did not do an MRI. He misdiagnosed her […]

  • Jodi Nofsinger

    $750,000 verdict in Truck Accident case

    Portland, Cumberland County, Maine. In this personal injury case, plaintiff was seriously injured and her spouse was killed when a logging truck crashed into their truck. Plaintiff suffered scalp injury, cuts on her leg, bruised shoulder, torn cartilage in her knee which required surgery, a ganglion cyst in her groin, and severe, traumatic emotional distress. Prior to litigation, a wrongful […]

  • $750,000 verdict in Car Accident case

    Rockland, Knox County, Maine. In this personal injury, plaintiff’s car was stopped when she was rear-ended by a New England Telephone truck. As a result of collision, she sustained whiplash injury with significant pain, suffering and trauma to her neck and back with herniated discs requiring two surgeries. Plaintiff incurred $60,000 in medical bills and significant lost wages.

  • $600,000 verdict in Car Accident case

    Auburn, Androscoggin County, ME. In this intersectional collision, disabled plaintiff was a passenger when the car he was riding in crashed with another automobile. Neither driver admitted to having a red traffic light; both claimed to have a green light. Plaintiff sustained personal injury, which aggravated a previous condition of disc problems in his back and resulted in further surgery. […]

  • Julian Sweet, Retired

    $1.2M verdict in Medical Malpractice – Failure to Diagnose case

    Machias, Washington County, Maine.  32 year old plaintiff incurred severe pain and suffering and emotional distress due to defendants’ failure to notify him of diagnosis of kidney cancer until approximately one year after he was diagnosed.  Defendant doctor claimed that defendant radiologist failed to call him with results of renal ultrasound, which confirmed presence of a large soft tissue mass.  Plaintiff was discharged from hospital and never received his diagnosis.

  • Steven Silin

    $550,000 verdict in Medication Errors case

    Rockland, Knox County, Maine. Plaintiff, an elderly lady, was diagnosed with cancer and was prescribed a chemotherapy drug by her doctor.  Because the pharmacist at Wal-Mart Pharmacy gave her a wrong prescription, which was a stronger dosage cancer drug, plaintiff developed severe side effects caused by the wrong drug.  Due to defendant’s negligence and pharmacy error, plaintiff incurred internal bleeding, was in the hospital for five weeks and received numerous blood transfusions.

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