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Anyone who drives in Maine knows the hazards posed by commercial trucks. Whether it’s a logging truck on a narrow rural road, a cement truck in the city, or a tractor-trailer on the interstate, these vehicles pose unique risks to smaller vehicles and pedestrians. Even low-speed collisions can result in serious injury or death.

Driver fatigue, lack of proper training, speeding, excess loads, and poor vehicle maintenance are some of the top reasons why commercial trucks are involved in hundreds of accidents each year in Maine.

Maine law entitles truck accident victims to financial compensation. But many fail to recover for their losses because they aren’t represented by lawyers with the experience, resources, expertise, and proactive approach needed to win their case.

For information about what to do if you’ve been hit by a truck, see our blog article.

For the best results, you need the best Maine truck accident lawyers

Berman & Simmons is widely recognized as the best personal injury lawyers in Maine and among the  best in the U.S., having won many of the
largest jury verdicts and settlements ever obtained for injured people in Maine. 
We have
recovered $1 billion for our injured clients.

Our attorneys are ready to go to work for you and fight when the insurance company refuses to cooperate or offer
a fair settlement. We handle all types of injury claims resulting from truck accidents, with a particular focus
on serious injury and wrongful death cases.

Truck Accident Tips and Tools: What should I do if I’ve been injured in a truck accident in Maine?

Taking some basic steps after a truck accident can make the difference between a legal claim that fails and one that provides fair compensation for you and your family. Here are some suggestions for first steps.

  • First, be sure all parties involved are safe and out of danger. Then move your truck if it is causing a
    hazard; otherwise leave it where it is and turn on hazard lights.
  • Call 911 to immediately report the accident to police, even if you think the damage is minor. Stay close to
    your vehicle until police arrive.
  • Remain calm and polite, but do not apologize or admit fault.
  • Gather pertinent information from other driver and any witnesses.
  • Photograph truck damage and any visible injuries. Write down your recollections about the event.
  • Get the name and badge number of all responding officers, and ask for police report.
  • Seek immediate medical attention for your injuries, even if you think they are minor.
  • Contact an experienced personal injury trial lawyer who specializes in truck accident cases and one who is
    prepared to win either by settlement or, if necessary, court judgment.
  • Report the accident to your insurer. Do not give a signed or recorded statement to your insurer before
    talking with your lawyer.
  • Do not discuss the accident with any representative of the other driver’s insurance company before talking
    with your lawyer.

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We have helped countless victims who have been harmed in truck accidents and we understand the challenges you face. We realize that beyond the physical struggles, the emotional and financial impacts can be overwhelming. Our lawyers and staff members take the time to listen to you, understand your concerns, and come up with solutions that can make your life better, including obtaining payment for or deferral of your debts until your case is resolved.

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    Witnesses may become unavailable and evidence may be lost or degraded with time.

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    You’ll need help navigating your medical care and dealing with financial pressures.

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