For more than 100 years, Berman & Simmons has been regularly associating with attorneys in Maine and throughout New England on behalf of their injured clients. Many of those lawyers practice in a specialty area other than personal injury or medical malpractice, and, therefore, rely on our unique skills, experience, and resources for all of their tort-related cases. Other lawyers refer cases to us on a more selective basis, involving us only in catastrophic injuries or where the proof is especially complex or expensive, such as in medical negligence or products liability.

Working Together to Help Your Client Win

We are able to structure our referral relationship in whatever way is most beneficial for you and your client. Working together and getting great results for clients, whether by trial or settlement is an effective way to grow and leverage each of our practices. Here is some feedback from our colleagues:

“I received a copy of your draft demand letter to the Insurance adjuster. I was very impressed at the thoroughness of the letter. As the referring attorney it is nice to know that the case is being aggressively and competently pursued. Thank you for your great work.”

― Kevin G. Powers, Esq., Powers, Jodoin, Margolis & Mantell

“As I said Dan, I couldn’t have referred a better attorney to take on my client’s case. The knowledge, detail and human touch you put into this case shows a passion and commitment that far exceeds other practitioners. The video was the best! I also liked the way you used my client’s own words in describing what happened that day in the demand letter – moving and real! Thank you, Dan, Amy and Tammy for your excellent work and for looking out for my client!”

Central Maine Solo Practitioner


If you have a client with a complex personal injury or medical malpractice case in which we could make a difference, let us provide the support you need. Your client’s success is our shared goal.

Let Us Help You Win