Client Stories

Berman & Simmons takes pride in obtaining extraordinary results for our clients and making a positive impact in their lives. Here are just a few client stories we’re featuring in our new “Clients with Heart” series.

  • Steve Hamel

    A doctor’s tragic mistake has devastating effects


    In a split-second mistake, a seemingly low-risk procedure quickly turned into a life-and-death situation. At the prime of his life, Steve went from being a fun-loving father, devoted husband, and active community member to a man riddled with intense pain, fear, and anxiety. After working with Berman & Simmons for 18 months, Steve’s case was resolved successfully, providing him peace of mind, closure, and the chance to move forward with his life.

  • Nathan Bigelow

    VA medical negligence leaves Marine Corps veteran paralyzed


    After experiencing a spinal cord injury that could have been prevented, Nate faced the stark reality of having to live the rest of his life dependent on others. Following two years of litigation, the VA was finally held accountable for their actions and for the first time in years, Nate and Missy were able to take back control of their lives and look forward to the future.

  • Alexzandria Regan

    Traumatic brain injury survivor turned small business owner


    After working with attorney Michael Bigos and his team at Berman & Simmons, Ali was able to recover personal injury damages, including the cost of her medical expenses as well as compensation for past and future pain and suffering and loss of enjoyment of life. Although her world was tragically changed, she is regaining control and moving forward.

  • Rebecca Ray

    Medical failures lead to an above-the-knee amputation


    Because of medical negligence, Rebecca, a vivacious, active, fun-loving woman was facing a lifetime as an above-the-knee amputee. For six years, Rebecca’s case was disputed by the doctors and hospitals involved. Her attorneys continued to prepare for a jury trial. Finally, in 2018, Berman & Simmons won a substantial settlement for Rebecca.

  • Mike Hemond

    Corporate negligence leads to catastrophic workplace injury


    Mike and Tracey Hemond’s lives were forever changed after a catastrophic workplace accident electrocuted Mike. Ultimately, Mike required amputation of both legs. The case proved to be challenging on many levels and it took four and a half years to resolve. In the end, a jury awarded $22.5 million to the Hemond’s, the second largest verdict in Vermont history.