Meet Attorney Miriam Johnson

Attorney Miriam Johnson joined Berman & Simmons in 2011, and represents clients in medical malpractice claims. Miriam has an excellent reputation for research and legal writing skills, and a special ability to find common ground with other attorneys and clients from all walks of life. She is currently part of a coalition of four prominent law firms assembled to represent victims and their families associated with the tragic shooting incident on October 25 in Lewiston, ME.

Miriam has spent more time in a courtroom than many lawyers, having served as an Assistant District Attorney for the State of Maine. She worked in Maine’s Midcoast region, representing the state in a variety of criminal matters in Sagadahoc, Lincoln, Knox, and Waldo counties. While serving as ADA, Miriam was a member of the Juvenile Justice Task Force―a joint effort of the court system, the Governor’s Children’s Cabinet, and the University of Maine School of Law―to create juvenile justice reform.

At Berman & Simmons, Miriam focuses on medical malpractice claims with other attorneys, including Travis Brennan and Craig Bramley. As one of Berman & Simmons’ research and writing attorneys, Miriam’s work focuses on evaluating potential cases, and drafting discovery, briefs, and pleadings. She is the primary attorney at Berman & Simmons handling claims related to vaccine injuries before the federal Vaccine Injury Compensation Program.

“Being involved in a lawsuit is a very new situation for most of our clients. It is intimidating and they have a lot of questions. Part of my job is to help reduce their stress, and to make sure their concerns are addressed,” Miriam says.

Miriam grew up in Portland, Maine. She studied Anthropology and English at Skidmore College and spent a semester studying in Nepal. After working in the publishing and non-profit fields for seven years, she attended the University of Maine School of Law. During law school, Miriam was selected to serve as a Legal Writing Instructor and also as an intern at the Cumberland County District Attorney’s Office. Miriam served as a student attorney at the Cumberland Legal Aid Clinic, representing clients in family and probate matters. She was co-president of the Maine Association for Public Interest Law and a member of the Women’s Law Association.

Currently, Miriam serves on the pro bono panel for the non-profit Immigrant Legal Advocacy Project, providing free representation for people seeking asylum in Maine. She has served on the editorial advisory committee of the Maine Bar Journal since 2014. In addition, Miriam is a board member of Housing Resources for Youth, a non-profit that seeks to ensure safe and stable housing for homeless and at-risk teenagers in the Midcoast Maine area.

Memberships & Distinctions

  • Member of pro bono panel, Immigrant Legal Advocacy Project of Maine, 2013–present
  • American Association for Justice, 2011–present
  • Maine State Bar Association, 2011–present
  • Board Member, Restorative Justice Project of the Midcoast, 2009–2012
  • Member of the Editorial Advisory Committee, Maine Bar Journal, 2014–present
  • University of Maine School of Law
    • Student intern at the Cumberland County District Attorney’s Office, 2006–2007
    • Student attorney at the Cumberland County Legal Aid Clinic, 2006–2007
    • Co-president of the Maine Association for Public Interest Law, 2005–2006
    • Selected as Legal Writing Instructor
    • Member of the Woman’s Law Association