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The Road to a $22.5 Million Jury Verdict


Mike Hemond had been working as an electrical utility lineman when he was badly injured at an electrical substation in northern Vermont while opening a switch on a high-voltage power line. After being electrocuted, Mike ultimately required amputation of both legs.

The story of the Hemond case is really three stories in one: the first, and perhaps most important, is the story of two amazing people, Michael and Tracey Hemond. The second story is of a major corporation that ignored safety risks and failed to take any responsibility for its negligence. The third story is of the tireless energy, investment of money and resources, and an unwavering commitment to our clients at Berman & Simmons.

The case took four and a half years and the trial lasted for three weeks. In the end, the jury, deliberating just seven hours, returned a verdict of $22.5 Million, the second highest jury verdict in Vermont history.

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