Meet Attorney Joe Gousse

Joe Gousse delivers mastery in writing, researching, and factfinding to develop winning legal strategies 

A highly skilled legal researcher, writer, and strategist, attorney Joe Gousse takes pride in being a steward of the Berman & Simmons legacy. For years a “student” of Jack Simmons’ Maine Tort Law, he relishes now practicing at what he considers to be the ‘bellwether of legal knowledge’ in the Maine bar. Approaching his work with a critical eye and scrupulous attention to fine detail, Joe is a natural fit for working on high-stakes claims involving complex legal issues.

As the team prepares cases or readies itself for the rigors of a courtroom trial, Joe is called upon to dig into the facts of a claim and to map out a legal strategy. His gift as a research and writing specialist equips him to anticipate what arguments the opposition might present, and how best to counter them. Although it’s complex and often time-consuming work, there is little about Joe’s role he finds more gratifying than developing a novel theory to move a case towards a successful outcome.

Following a tradition of excellence and building strong connections with clients

In maintaining the firm’s tradition of excellence in legal research and writing, the shareholders at Berman & Simmons seek attorneys with exemplary skills and experience. They found that, and more, in Joe. Part of the firm’s ‘behind-the-scenes’ intellectual resources, his is a critical role in providing the analytical skillset necessary to build a legal foundation that will stand up to scrutiny in high-pressure situations. 

Warm, engaging, and patient, Joe excels at explaining complex legal concepts to clients in plain language that breaks down barriers. He attributes his success in communicating with clients to his belief that clients deserve to know and can handle the truth. By recognizing and honoring where clients are at in their journey, Joe is able to tap into the ways in which they can be an integral part of their own winning team.

Joe brings a long-standing passion for writing and teaching to his work 

Attorney Joseph Gousse is a graduate of the University of New England and the University of Maine School of Law. While in law school, Joe served as the Head Case Note & Comment Editor of the Maine Law Review, was a Teaching Assistant for the Legal Writing Program, and was presented with the Wernick Prize for Legal Writing—awarded each year to a graduating student in recognition of outstanding legal scholarship. He has also spent time as Legislative Researcher for the Maine Wabanaki-State Child Welfare Truth and Reconciliation Commission and remains active in the realm of academic legal research and writing concerning matters of tribal sovereignty in Maine (a matter of great personal interest and importance to him). In addition to his practice, Joe has served as Adjunct Professor of Business Law at Southern Maine Community College and as a Visiting Professor of Legal Research and Writing at Husson University.

Memberships & Distinctions

American Association for Justice (AAJ), 2021-present

Maine State Bar Association (MSBA), 2015-present

    • Sustaining Member, 2015-2021

Maine Trial Lawyers Association (MTLA), 2015-present

University of Maine School of Law

    • Recipient of the Wernick Prize for Legal Writing, 2015
    • Legal Writing Program Teaching Assistant, 2015
    • Head Case Note & Comment Editor of the Maine Law Review, 2015

Legislative Researcher for the Maine Wabanaki-State Child Welfare Truth and Reconciliation Commission, 2014-2015