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5-star Google Review: Worked ceaselessly
Attorney Silin helped us navigate a difficult and painful process after a major car accident. The entire staff was helpful and accommodating during several years of my recovery. They worked ceaselessly to gather the medical opinions and documentation needed to make our case a success. On several occasions they traveled to us to make things easier. In the end, Berman & Simmons made sure my family and I were more than compensated for what could have been a complete tragedy. If anyone were to ask me who to seek for legal assistance due to an accident, I would not hesitate to recommend Berman and Simmons. – R. Mitchell

5-star Google Review: Exceedingly impressed
I am exceedingly impressed with Dan and his team. They moved quickly and intelligently to assess if I had a case worth pursuing. Due to the time lapse since the original incident, we did not move forward, however based on my interactions I have every confidence Dan would have represented me very well. – D. Bevan

5-star Google Review: Genuinely concerned
I would like to thank Dov Sacks and his team for their legal assistance for my mom. Dov and his team were so great in caring for my mom and answering her questions about the process. I use the term caring as one who has been a caregiver for over 30 years. I was amazed how genuinely Dov and his team were concerned about my mom’s needs. I honestly didn’t expect this from lawyers. It wasn’t about the money it was truly about my mom first. Thanks Dov and team. God bless you greatly. – D. Smith

5-star Google Review: They truly cared for us
Five is, truly, not enough stars! My father and I needed some legal assistance and Berman & Simmons came very highly recommended from a friend; a retired judge. Susan Faunce and Chris Boots were there for us every step of the way. They were always prepared, professional, quick to respond to our needs, and above all it was evident that they truly cared for us, and for our situation. They patiently guided and supported us through the mediation process, and were able to help us settle our case in a successful way that provided not only relief, but closure. We will forever be grateful for the hard work, persistence, and care that they provided. – K. Keene

5-star Google Review: Their professionalism and intelligence were exactly what we needed
When my son died suddenly and mysteriously, a good friend told me I needed a really good lawyer. I had heard that expression used many times, “a really good lawyer,” but I didn’t fully understand what that expression meant, until I met Susan Faunce and Chris Boots, at Berman & Simmons. Susan and Chris not only took on my case, but they took it on with deep passion and compassion. Over many months, I witnessed their indefatigable effort on my behalf. Their professionalism and intelligence were exactly what we needed. I will be forever grateful for the great job they did for my daughter, Kate, and me. – T. Leighton 

5-star Google Review: Never left out of the loop
These guys are the best!
The wonderful Dov Sacks was assigned as my lawyer, and when they said I had a case he went out of his way to make things go as easy for me as he could. Never was I left out of the loop, and never was I made to feel like this was pointless. Thanks to the hard work of his team, I won my case and my family and I have the closure we need for what was a really horrible experience. Can’t thank them enough. – S. Crockett

5-star Google Review: Above and beyond
I was hit by a drunk driver last year and Berman and Simmons went above and beyond. Steve Silin is so good at his job! I highly recommend them! – M. Potter

5-star Google Review: Amazing to work with
Daniel Kagan and his staff were amazing to work with. I was involved in a no fault motorcycle accident that has changed me for life. The compassion the whole team showed helped me get through this traumatic experience. I appreciate all the hard work of the entire Berman & Simmons staff and the end results. Thank you. – A. Buck

5-star Google Review: The go-to PI firm in Maine. Professional and competent! – M. Tuminaro

5-star Google Review: I will never be able to thank him enough
I suffered a concussion from an auto accident. Dov went out of his way to reach out to a specialist. This doctor took the time to listen and knew what to do to fix me. I would highly recommend Dov to anyone that needs help. Like me, he cared more about my health than my settlement. He kept in touch to make sure treatment was going well and to make sure I was not stressed about mounting bills. I will never be able to thank him enough. – C. Larrabee

5-star Google Review: Successful and professional
Berman & Simmons handled a case for me in a successful and professional manner. Very satisfied with their handling of the case and the settlement reached. – G. Preston

5-star Google Review: Very accessible
Attorney Sacks and his team did a great job with the case for my son. They were very accessible when needed even on a weekend. I could text him if needed and he got back quickly. – J. Gurney

5-star Google Review: They had our best interest in mind
The thought of seeking a legal service, while you have experienced medical issues is nerve racking, but the lawyers at Berman & Simmons fully understand the complexity. When you start this journey it is important to have the best team of lawyers, with experience on their backs, and knowledge to pursue your case.
 Me and my family are thankful for the team that worked with us at Berman & Simmons. Everybody at the office was professional and they had our best interest in mind. – S. Mvita

5-star Google Review: Prompt, professional, kind, and caring
From the start, Susan Faunce was extremely compassionate and caring, all while being very upfront and professional. She readily made herself available if we had questions or concerns and was always there to reassure us in the process. Her paralegal was always right on top of everything. Prompt, professional, kind, and caring is the best way to describe both of them. Later in the case Susan brought on another Berman Simmons attorney, Elizabeth Kayatta, to assist her. She was sharp as a tack. Together, they put together a very successful case on our behalf. We are forever grateful for them and would not think twice to recommend them to anyone. – R. Madore

5-star Google Review: I always felt heard
Dov Sacks and his associates at Berman & Simmons where wonderful to work with. I felt that Dov went above and beyond for us during our case, and I always felt heard!  Dov was easy to work with and effective in getting things done. Our family really appreciated all of the hard work that was put into our case by Dov.  I would highly recommend them to anyone who needs someone who will listen to you and work hard for you. – M. Barker

5-star Google Review: Professional as well as understanding
I was Dov Sacks’ client for three years. He kept me well informed during the entire process. Mr. Sacks and his team are very caring individuals. They are very professional as well as understanding. Mr. Sacks went above and beyond the nine-to-five call. I would recommend Dov Sacks and his law firm. They are the best in Maine. N. Hasenfus 

5-star Google Review: Caring, compassionate, honest people
Working with the legal team at Berman & Simmons was very reassuring. They were very concerned about us as individuals and how working through the legal process would affect our family. They were caring, compassionate, honest people who were simply trying to make sure the right things happened for us. I would recommend that anybody who has suffered an injury due to medical malpractice work with Berman & Simmons to advocate for them. S. Hamel

5-star Google Review: Over and above the call of duty
Berman and Simmons provided me with a second chance at life. Travis Brennan went over and above the call of duty. The professionalism, dedication and work ethic these people exhibited was well beyond what I could have asked for.
 If you are in need, contact this firm. – S. Robbins  

5-star Google Review: I always knew they were in my corner
I was referred to Steven Silin after I was involved in a motorcycle accident involving the death of my husband. He was amazing to work with from the beginning. His team kept me informed through the whole process from the initial interview to the final settlement. T
hey always checked in with me, kept me up to date on the case and fought for me with the the insurance company. I always knew that they were in my corner. I recommend the
 Law of Berman & Simmons and Lawyer Steven Silin for your personal injury needs. – J. Mains

5-star Google Review: Top notch lawyer
I cannot say enough positive things about the professionals we worked with at Berman & Simmons. At the most stressful time in our lives, they were there to listen to us and guide us through the legal process with compassion and confidence. Jodi Nofsinger is not only a
top notch lawyer, she is a top notch person. Our outcome was the true definition of “under promise and over deliver”. I would refer them with certainty to anyone. – L. Hamel

5-star Google Review: A pleasure to work with
I am a person that never thought of holding a doctor accountable for their actions. I got in touch with Jodi Nofsinger and it was the greatest thing I could have done. She made the whole experience so easy. She listened to me and explained everything she was going to do. She is so passionate,
knowledgeable and caring in what she does. This team was a pleasure to work with and I highly recommend them. – R. Nason

5-star Google Review: An outstanding job
After suffering a leg injury
I suffered serious complications and many months of follow up care. I was referred to Travis Brennan. Travis put his everything into this case. His courtroom presentation was something many attorneys could learn from. I always felt that I was on the front burner of the things he was working on. All my calls and questions were answered promptly. Travis becomes your friend as well as your advocate. Jodi Nofsinger was also at my side throughout the trial offering words of wisdom, advice and concern. Thank you doesn’t seem enough for all your hard work.
 An outstanding job. I have and will continue to recommend Travis and his team.  P. Akerson

5-star Google Review: Honest and helpful
I couldn’t be more pleased with the fine work from all the staff at Berman & Simmons. At first, I was weary of asking for legal help but once I met Daniel Kagan, those fears went right away. All the staff that assisted me and worked on my case did fine work. Honest and helpful. These are GOOD lawyers. Professional and serious about YOU. – D. Walker

5-star Google Review: Caring and compassionate
Travis Brennan is a very caring and compassionate attorney. After my accident, I wasn’t sure what to do and Travis was able to guide me through the process to a successful resolution. – B. Anderson

5-star Google Review: A five star law firm
This is a 
five star law firm!
Timothy Kenlan represented me. In a very short time, Attorney Kenlan had obtained the maximum amount of the insurance policy of the driver who caused the accident. I very much appreciate the professionalism and great work of this law firm. They work as a team and achieved really good results for me. – J. Pierce

5-star Google Review: Honesty and compassion
I was encouraged to reach out to Berman and Simmons. My first meeting with Attorney Michael Bigos showed me a demeanor of sincere honesty and compassion. Throughout the time we worked together, Michael and his team were so professional, and genuinely concerned for my
well being. They were prompt in responding to any and all of my inquiries. I would highly recommend Berman and Simmons, and especially Michael Bigos. – P. Sanders

5-star Google Review: You want this firm in your corner
We worked with Dov Sacks on a personal injury case. Not only did Dov deliver getting the justice we deserved, he held our hands through the whole process. He treated us like we were the most important clients he had. You want this firm in your corner. – G. Cormier

5-star Google Review: Caring, honest, and trustworthy
I have worked with Dan Kagan, Tammy, and Justine. Not only are they professional in personal injury cases,
they are caring, honest, and trustworthy. They listened to my concerns and continuously checked in to see how I was progressing with my injury. If I ever need legal services again, I will go back to Berman & Simmons and feel comfortable with any attorney at that firm based on my experience. – A. Phillips

5-star Google Review: Atty. Kenlan and his entire staff were so easy to work with–organized, friendly, helpful, and great communicators. Thank you all! – M. Atkinson

5-star Google Review: Well prepared, thorough, passionate, and great listeners
Travis Brennan was excellent! He is a strong advocate in the courtroom, well prepared, thorough and passionate about getting great outcomes for his clients. I am very pleased with the results. Travis gave me great advice and everyone on his team goes above and beyond, and they are also great listeners and made sure they understood where I was coming from. If you’ve been injured don’t go anywhere else for legal representation. – R. Pargeter

5-star Google Review: They took care of everything
Travis is a great guy. They took care of everything, kept me informed, and I was confident in them. Hopefully I don’t have to, but wouldn’t call anyone else. – M. Schofield

5-star Google Review: My experience with the firm was exemplary
From beginning to end, my experience with the firm as exemplary – including a very favorable result. For its professionalism and conscientiousness in every interaction with me, and for the excellence and effectiveness of its legal services, the firm has earned five stars in my book. – P. Zimmerman

5-star Google Review: Very surprised how quickly the process went
My personal injury case was with another attorney’s office but never got anywhere so I had it transferred to the office of Berman & Simmons who took care of the case quickly and professionally. My injury happened in Maine and I live in Maryland so I wasn’t expecting it to go so smoothly but was very surprised how quickly the process went. I was very happy that I did not have to return to Maine in order for the case to be completed, everything was done through mail, email and phone calls. I would recommend to anyone in Maine who suffers an injury that requires a personal injury attorney to choose Timothy Kenlan. – D. Walter

Kind and patient
I will never forget how kind and patient you were to me during the worst time of my life. Thanks are never enough. – Client from Washington County

5-star Google Review: Extremely grateful for favorable result and empathy
I cannot praise highly enough attorney Alicia Curtis. Her support, guidance, and expertise in insurance company disputes resolved a multi-year, twice-denied claim to the benefit of our family in a matter of months. Not only for the favorable result but also for the empathy we received from attorney Alicia Curtis, attorney Dan Kagan and everyone at the firm of Berman & Simmons, we are extremely grateful. – R. Finegold

You treated us like family
Thank you so much for all your hard work and dedication in my case. We are all so grateful of how you both have treated us like family. From the bottom of our hearts, thanks again. You guys are incredible. – Client from Penobscot County

Compassionate and very sincere
I want to sincerely thank all of you for everything you have done for my son and me.  You all worked so very hard to fight for us. You were not just lawyers doing a job but you were compassionate and very sincere in the wellbeing of my son and I.  Thank you. – Client from Waldo County

Thank you for providing peace of mind
Thank you for your efforts in providing ‘peace of mind’ for us in our injury recovery from the accident and the financial concerns. The results of your work have given us a Merry Christmas. – Client from Knox County

5-star Google Review: They are awesome. Thank you for caring and for all your hard work. – A. Witham

Advocates in our time of crisis
We would like to extend our deepest thanks to you, your staff, and Berman & Simmons for your efforts on our behalf.  We consider your service to us as more than just a legal or business relationship.  Rather, we see you as our advocates in our time of crisis. – Clients from Knox County

I always knew you had my back
I want to thank you for getting me through this process. I always knew you had my back. You never minded when I needed to call and ask questions and you were always honest with me. I am extremely happy with the outcome that wouldn’t have been possible without you. – Client from Androscoggin County

5-star Google Review: They listen to you
The folks at Berman & Simmons really get to know their customers and feel their pain. They don’t just work for you they become your friends and they listen to you. You’re not just another paycheck to them, they’re genuinely interested in your health and wellbeing and want to make things better for you, your family and your future. – J. Crown

Passionate individuals who care
Berman & Simmons relieved my exhausted mind with ease. The team’s diligence, organization and thoughtfulness made a seemingly frustrating and difficult process run smoothly. I would highly recommend this firm if you want to work with passionate individuals who care. – A. Regan

5-star Google Review: They make you feel at home
Great hospitality. They make you feel at home. Very caring agency. Determined to get to the bottom of the inquiring lawsuit. Truly feel lucky to have such an amazing agency on my side. – T. Mecham

5-star Google Review: Few individuals can match their skill, knowledge and experience
The attorneys have exceeded my expectations as it pertains to their professionalism. Based on the results of their work, there are few individuals in the legal profession who can match their skill, knowledge and experience. I give them my most high recommendation. – J. Kazilionis

“No stone left unturned”
I really appreciated the way you prepared me, kept me updated, and seemingly left ‘no stone unturned’ in an effort to achieve the best possible outcome. – Client from York County

Thank you for your dedication and loyalty
This note is a sincere thank you for your dedication and loyalty you gave us throughout the trial. Your patience, moral support and encouragement throughout such a difficult time was immeasurable. We thank you for your commitment to us and our son. – Client from Penobscot County

5-star Google Review: These people really care
They are great at what they do and these people really care about you. They had my back when I needed them the most. Life changing experiences don’t go alone because you’re not alone, you have the best on your side. It’s nice to have a piece of mind when you’re alone. Thanks to the Berman & Simmons law firm. – C. Bouchard

5-star Google Review: They handled a complex case with skill and compassion
Five stars isn’t enough to describe Berman & Simmons and everyone I encountered at the firm. Communication and preparation were top notch. They handled a complex case with skill and compassion. I cannot say enough good things about them and their staff. Highly, highly recommended. – B. Brown

Thank you for your kindness and I really truly appreciate all that Berman & Simmons has done for me. – Client from Cumberland County

You are truly wonderful people
I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything that you and your staff have done for my case. You are truly wonderful people. – Client from Aroostook County

5-star Google Review: Extremely thorough and dedicated
This firm did an outstanding job representing my son. They were extremely thorough and dedicated. They always took time to listen and keep us updated about the status of his case. – B. Redman

Thank you very much for representing me. I felt informed and at ease through the whole process. – Client from Cumberland County

5-star Google Review: Everyone truly listened to us
You cannot fully appreciate how important it is to have a respected law firm that has the experience, assets and knowledge to pursue your best interest. Everyone from the receptionist/paralegals/team of lawyers truly listened to us and took time to answer all our questions with the upmost professionalism. – M & K Mitchell

5-star Google Review: I would recommend this firm for sure. Very professional and helpful. – L. Griffin

You made it much easier
This has been a very long, very detailed case and I cannot thank you enough for everything that you have done. You were patient with me and made it much easier. – Client from York County

You helped me get back my dream
I want you to know how grateful I am for everyone who helped me get back to my dream after the accident of independently supporting my two kids for the rest of my life. – Client from Cumberland County

You seem to understand human emotions so well
We are so thankful for all you have done for our family during this long and trying process. Your sensitivity during it was amazing and you seem to understand human emotions so well. We are most appreciative to have you represent our family. – Client from Kennebec County

Thanks for your respectfulness
Thank you so very much for all of your hard work and respect in dealing with the details of my case. Thanks for your professionalism, attention to details and respectfulness, you all helped me through a hard time in my life by making things as painless as possible. – Client from Kennebec County

We are happy with your work and results. – Client from Aroostook County

Thank you for helping my friend’s family
I met you when you defended my best friend’s plane crash case in 2013. Thank you very much for helping my friend’s family. With the resources you were able to obtain, my friend’s father built a new home, which was a very important thing since he no longer has physical conditions to keep farming. – Friend of a client from Brazil

5-star Google Review: They worked diligently to get me the best result
Berman & Simmons took on my malpractice case after I had gone through a traumatizing medical ordeal that ended in me becoming an above knee amputee. They worked diligently over the course of six plus years to get me the best ending result. I couldn’t be happier with how things went and the entire team at Berman & Simmons. Thank you all! – R. Ray

Thank you for all of your hard work you’ve done for our family
Thank you so much for all of your hard work you’ve done for our family. Without your help, the end result would not have been as good as it was.

We will definitely recommend you
We feel you and your staff went out of your way to come up with the best settlement you could. Please thank Paralegal Tammy and the rest of the folks at Berman & Simmons for their hard work.  We will definitely recommend you and Berman & Simmons. – Client from Lincoln County

The care and concern you showed my wife during this very tough period was greatly appreciated. – Husband of client from Knox County

I felt taken care of
Thank you for your legal expertise and for always answering my questions. I felt taken care of, legally and personally during a very hard time. Please thank the whole legal team that helped. – Client from Knox County

5-star Google Review: These guys are great. They helped me settle my claim when I couldn’t get the insurance companies to take any responsibility at all! – C. MacMichael

I admire the patience and talents your exhibited
I wanted to simply say it was a pleasure working with you and I admire the patience and talents your exhibited. It was nice to have someone represent me in a case that could be considered relatively small, by true professionals. – Client from Cumberland County

Never once did I feel alone
Once the team got involved, never once did we feel like they don’t care or they’re in for themselves. We always knew they were in with us; that they were doing everything they could.  – N. Bigelow

Your actions were above and beyond anything we could imagine
We can’t even begin to thank you enough for everything you did in helping us through this ordeal. We consider your actions to be above and beyond anything we could imagine or hope for. We are all in a better place thanks to you. From our family and deep within our hearts we are so grateful and extend this thankfulness to all of you! – Client from Kennebec County

The settlement was fair and generous
I’d like to express my sincere gratitude to you and your team for an outstanding job. The settlement was fair and generous.  It was a pleasure working with you and I will certainly recommend your firm. – Client from York County

5-star Google Review: My experience was extremely positive
From start to finish, my experience was extremely positive. I was listened to, received quick feedback and information when I requested it, and I feel like my needs were well taken care of and considered throughout the entire legal process. – S. Tarr

Quality and attention
I wanted you to know that I am really pleased with what you did for me. I am sure you will say ‘It’s my job.’ But it is the quality of the job and the attention given that counts also.  Thanks again. – Client from Penobscot County

5-star Google Review: You can always trust a good friend
Anyone knows that a lawsuit takes time…that’s a given. During that timeframe we fast became friends with everyone we were in contact with at Berman & Simmons and our case has closed, successfully exactly a year ago and….we are still friends. You can always trust a good friend! – M. Nicholas

What you stated is exactly what you delivered
I want to thank you for everything you have done for my son. What you stated is exactly what you delivered. While he still struggles with his injuries it has eased his financial worries as a result of your efforts. Without your efforts we could never have navigated our way through the legal system. I truly hope you understand what an impact you have had on our family. – Father of client from Lincoln County

We cannot thank you enough for all you and your staff has done. – Client from Penobscot County

5-star Google Review: They make you feel respected and valued
Having dealt with several law firms I can truly say Berman & Simmons surpasses them all in the way they treat their clients. They make you feel respected and valued. I felt treated with the utmost respect. Questions are answered promptly. All aspects of the case are explained.– S. Donnell

Your skills as a lawyer are truly impressive
Thank you so much for everything you did for me.  Your skills as a lawyer are truly impressive and I could have never prevailed in this case without your involvement. – Client from Androscoggin County

5-star Google Review: This is a great law firm. – K. Bostwick

Compassion for others
Words can’t express our gratitude for all that you did for us.  It is so nice to know that there are still people out there with such compassion for others. – Client from Kennebec County

I will highly recommend you
Thank you so very, very much. Without you and your firm, I would not have been able to take care of my bills.  I will highly recommend you and to all of my friends. – Client from York County

Thank you for the time and effort
We would like to thank you for the time and effort you spent in representing us. We truly appreciate all you did on our behalf. – Clients from Windham County, Connecticut

5-star Google Review: Communication was first class
This company achieved an excellent result for us after my wife and myself were involved in a motor accident in NH. We hit by an uninsured motorist and amongst other injuries both of us had fractures to the spine. This was a huge problem, but owing to their efforts we had a most satisfactory outcome. Very good company to deal with, communication and consideration was first class. – M. Byrom

Thanks for your kindness and professionalism
Thank you for all of your help in resolving my case.  I truly appreciate you. Thanks for your kindness and professionalism. – Client from Aroostook County

Far exceeded our expectations
We wanted to thank you for a job well done regarding our settlement claim. It far exceeded our expectations. Your professionalism and style was very comforting for my wife throughout the entire process. We would also like to thank your paralegal for the excellent job she did always keeping us up to date and informed. We would not hesitate to recommend your firm to anyone.  Again, thank you. – Clients from Kennebec County

Thank you for keeping me updated on my mother’s case and for your hard work in obtaining justice for her. – Client from Cumberland County

I felt informed and at ease
Thank you very much for representing me. I felt informed and at ease throughout the whole process. Your paralegal and assistant were great as well. It’s nice to have this case closed and to move on with my life. You were a pleasure to work. – Client from Cumberland County

Expertise and the professional manner
We would like to personally thank you for your expertise and the professional manner in which you handled both our cases. It made a tremendous difference. Please extend our sincerest thanks also to your paralegal who tirelessly and patiently worked on our behalf. – Clients from Waldo County

5-star Google Review: A great listener and thoughtful
Berman & Simmons have made my first experience hiring a lawyer very fluid. From the initial meeting, and intake for my case, you have been a great listener, and thoughtful in helping me through the particulars. I needed someone who could speak on my behalf, and show careful decisiveness towards my goals. There is no doubt I will look to you if needed in the future. – T. McLain

Thank you for guiding me through difficult times
While I was never in this for the money, it’s good to know that if I have recurring problems I’m covered financially. Thank you for guiding me through difficult times. I appreciate what you have accomplished for me and my wife. – Client from Lincoln County

You always tried to make it as easy a process as possible
The last two and a half years have been a long haul for me and for my family. You have had to see me through some of the very lowest points in my life. Throughout the entire time, both of you were incredibly professional. You were respectful, supportive and encouraging. I know how complicated a case this was and the time and diligence it took to put the pieces together of a ‘shattered’ life so to speak. I saw the stacks of binders filled with medical files your paralegal carried from the Portland office doors one day. You always tried to make it as easy a process as possible. So much of what you were able to provide, outside of legal advice, was being real with me and making me feel comfortable in some very uncomfortable situations. This was worth as much as the dollars and cents awarded. – Client from Cumberland County

5-star Google Review: Thorough, clear, considerate and we had a challenging yet successful case. – C. Frair

Grateful for making this outcome the best it could be
I cannot express my gratitude for making this process as easy and stress free for us as you all have. We are genuinely grateful for all the work, all the time and all the effort you all put into making this outcome the best it could be. – Client from York County

5-star Google Review: Expectations have been exceeded
I’ve used this firm twice now and my expectations have been exceeded every time. There were times when I wanted to settle and he would tell me, “this is a bad offer I can get you more money!” I listened to him and he was right. Over $100k in settlements received easily. – L. Fisher

5-star Google Review: Your pragmatic approach to my situation was quite helpful
Thank you for your time today and for talking through the various aspects of my daughter’s ATV injuries. You clearly are expert in this area of law and your pragmatic approach to my situation was quite helpful. – B. Kinkel

5-star Google Review: Surely one of the best in Maine!
Throughout the process, my lawyer and his two legal assistants were consistently calm, patient, friendly, and respectful; they deftly modeled the way to conduct a flawless and humane legal process for the client. I am deeply grateful for their superior expertise, reassurance, and encouragement along the way—and for the outcome. They were truly my team, surely one of the best in Maine! – V. Haskins

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