$25 million verdict in Motorcycle/Truck accident case

U.S. District Court, Eastern District of Pennsylvania, Easton, Pennsylvania. In 2019, Travis Sweigart of Geigertown, PA was traveling to work on a motorcycle when he was struck by Kevin J. Patten, a tractor-trailer driver, who was hauling municipal waste and negligently made a left turn in front of Travis who had the right of way. Mr. Patten was on a cellphone call at the time of the crash. Travis suffered catastrophic, life-altering injuries, including a severe pelvic crush injury, the loss of his right leg below the knee and the future amputation of his left leg. A surgeon who operated on Travis after the crash, testified at trial that he was the most injured person who survived that any of the trauma doctors had ever seen. The jury was unanimous in its $25M award, which compensates Travis for his medical expenses, pain and suffering, and permanent injuries.

Travis was represented by Berman & Simmons in Lewiston, ME, as well as Raynes & Lawn in Philadelphia, PA.