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Maine’s maritime and port industries provide thousands of jobs to citizens across the state. Ferries, commercial fishing vessels, and large freight ships are constantly dropping anchor in harbors along the coast. Passenger cruise ships also play a major role in Maine’s economy.

With attorneys trusted to handle cases on behalf of El Faro victims, Berman & Simmons has the resources and experience to handle challenging maritime cases. Under the Jones Act, any person working on a navigable ship away from port is protected. Owners of vessels can be held liable if their vessel is deemed unsafe, underequipped, or understaffed at the time of an incident. International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS) and other international regulations are designed to protect cruise ship passengers.

The maritime injury attorneys at Berman & Simmons understand the difficulties that come with working offshore and the safety regulations. We are experts in laws that protect seamen and realize that many offshore injuries and deaths could be prevented with proper care of vessels and their equipment. We also understand the laws associated with cruise ships departing from a U.S. port and special maritime jurisdiction affecting passenger safety.

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If you have been injured in a marine accident, contact us and speak with one of our experienced attorneys. We handle all types of injury claims resulting from maritime accidents, with a particular focus on serious injury and wrongful death cases.

Maine families placed their trust in us when their loved ones were tragically killed in the El Faro disaster – the worst U.S. cargo ship disaster in 60 years.

Maintenance and Care

Maritime employers must give care to injured seamen. This means that the employer must take care of living expenses like food, utilities, mortgage or rent payments, car payments, etc. The employer must also cover medical expenses until the seaman fully recovers from the injuries.

What compensation can I receive if I was injured on a cruise ship?

Victims of cruise ship accidents have the right to recover financial damages, including medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering.

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Life on the sea away from home is a demanding lifestyle. Injuries that take place offshore can make a mariner feel overwhelmed with emotion considering the physical and financial impact. Cruise ship passengers who suffer injuries may not know where to turn for help. Our lawyers and staff members take the time to listen to you, understand your concerns, and come up with solutions that can make your life better, including obtaining payment for or deferral of your debts until your case is resolved.

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What compensation can I receive if I was harmed offshore?

According to the Jones Act, employers must:

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    Give seamen a safe place to work

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    Keep the sea vessel in reasonably safe condition

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    A vessel must be properly equipped to safely accommodate a seaman’s duties

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    A vessel must be seaworthy prior to leaving port

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