Why It’s Essential to Act Quickly on Your Personal Injury Claim

If you’ve been in a serious accident, there are many benefits to seeking legal counsel as soon as possible after your injury has occurred. These are some of the main reasons why hiring a good personal injury lawyer early is in your best interest.

Waiting to hire an attorney after your accident could hurt your case

Time is of the essence when it comes to hiring a lawyer for your personal injury case as Maine has strict deadlines for filing many injury claims. Critical witnesses could also become unavailable and evidence that could help you win your case can be lost or degrade with time. To protect yourself, it’s important to hire a lawyer that can immediately and thoroughly investigate the accident, talk with eye witnesses, preserve evidence, and, as necessary, hire appropriate experts to help evaluate your case.

Proving long-term and permanently disabling injuries can be complex and take time. Your personal injury attorney will want to consult with your medical professionals as soon as possible to help you navigate your medical care and to support your case.

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The insurance company is already building their case against you

The at fault driver’s liability insurance company is not on your side, and undoubtedly, is already investigating and reconstructing the accident on its own to avoid or deflect responsibility. The insurance company will likely ask questions, and the investigating police officer might ask questions, too.

A good personal injury attorney can help you take on the insurance company and their teams of investigators and lawyers. You need expert counsel early on to guide you through the entire process, handle all the questions, speak on your behalf, protect your rights, and make sure the insurance company won’t take advantage of you. Having a lawyer on your side from the beginning will simplify the process and put you in the best possible position to win and to be fully compensated.

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Your health and recovery should be your priority

Experiencing a personal injury can be devastating to you and your family. Depending on the severity of your injuries, recovery, assuming one will happen, can take months or even years. In the meantime, you may be unable to work and may be face great financial stress and physical and emotional pain and suffering.

A personal injury lawyer can help you get the appropriate medical care you need, identify potential insurance options, and negotiate with creditors. By reducing stress and relieving some of your financial pressures soon after your accident, you’ll have more time to focus on your recovery and get your life back on track.

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Serious injuries are hard enough to deal with, but stress and anxiety from mounting medical bills, lost income, and calls from insurers can distract you from your recovery and make you feel worse.

Berman & Simmons has the experience you need to put you in the strongest position to win, either by settlement, or if necessary, by jury verdict.  We understand that when you’re seriously injured, you face a combination of medical, financial, and legal challenges. We’re committed to supporting you and getting the compensation you deserve. Acting quickly on your personal injury claim will help make the process less stressful, safeguard your interests, and provide peace of mind when you need it most.