The Lewiston, ME Shootings: Berman & Simmons Responds

These photos provided by the Maine Department of Public Safety shows victims of the Maine shooting: Ronald G. Morin (top from left), Peyton Brewer-Ross, Joshua A. Seal, Bryan M. MacFarlane, Joseph Lawrence Walker, Arthur Fred Strout, Maxx A. Hathaway (2nd row from left), Stephen M. Vozzella, Thomas Ryan Conrad, Michael R. Deslauiers II, Jason Adam, Tricia C. Asselin, William A. Young (third row from left), Aaron Young, Robert E. Violette and Lucille M. Violette, William Frank and Keith D. Macneir.

The mass shooting events that occurred at Just In Time Recreation and Schemengees Bar & Grill Restaurant in Lewiston, ME on October 25 claimed 18 lives and injured 13 others. Not only has this tragedy left our community grieving and enraged, but it has also catapulted our state into the national limelight. Sadly, Berman & Simmons’ hometown of Lewiston, has been added to the sobering and growing list of mass shootings on the Gun Violence Archive website. We are incident #2738185, the 567th mass shooting of 2023 in the United States and at present, this tragic and newsworthy event has claimed the lives of the most shooting victims this year.

We are Dedicated to Providing Answers for Our Community

We have heard from many colleagues, as well as friends and families who have lost loved ones and those who survived or were affected by the shootings, all looking for guidance and answers as the circumstances leading up to this tragedy continue to unfold. Like us, the community of Lewiston, especially the victims and their families, have many unanswered questions: 

  • Why did this happen? 
  • How did the system fail? 
  • What changes are needed to ensure this never happens again? 

Lewiston is a special place for Berman & Simmons and this event is very personal to us. We are dedicated to providing answers, and ultimately delivering justice, to the victims and their families.

We Understand the Complexity and Trauma Surrounding These Cases

As a firm with unmatched resources and expertise, we have urgently assembled a team of lawyers already immersed in the complex legal theories and strategies necessary to move these matters forward. As trauma-informed lawyers, we’re also prepared to handle the emotional and psychological fallout that will accompany these cases.

Berman & Simmons: News Coverage and Media Updates

In the days, weeks, months, and years ahead, we will leave no stone unturned in our efforts to provide answers and seek accountability. Part of our efforts will include leveraging our media relationships to ensure the right questions are being asked and the stories of those who have suffered are heard. 

Since the mass shooting event on October 25, the work we’re doing has been featured in the region’s top news forums and shared nationally. This recap of media coverage will continue to grow and be updated regularly here.