Maine lobsterman files suit against drunk driver who injured him

Berman & Simmons attorney Benjamin Gideon is representing a lobsterman from Harpswell, Maine, in a lawsuit against a woman who crashed into his pickup truck while she was under the influence of alcohol.

Gideon filed the suit against Cynthia Moody on behalf of the victim, Samuel Desjardins, recently in Cumberland County Superior Court.

Desjardins is a lobsterman who lives in Harpswell. On Jan. 6, 2015, around 4 p.m., Desjardins was driving his pickup truck north on Cundy’s Harbor Road. Cynthia Moody was driving southbound, and she crossed the center line and collided with the truck.

Desjardins suffered serious injuries. He is suing Moody for costs related to the injuries, and other damages. Moody was charged criminally for this accident, and she pleaded guilty on Nov. 20, 2015, to Aggravated Assault and OUI.

Desjardins is also suing several bars and restaurants in the Brunswick-Harpswell area, under the Maine Liquor Liability Act. He claims that one or more of those establishments share responsibility for his injuries, because they were negligent in serving alcohol to an individual who was intoxicated.

The Bangor Daily News published a story about the lawsuit on April 15. Here is an excerpt:.

“The suit charges that the establishment(s) served Moody liquor under circumstances in which they knew or should have known that she would pose a danger to others because she would be driving. Gideon said Thursday he does not yet have a precise timeline of Moody’s whereabouts that night but that sworn witness testimony obtained during the lawsuit process will better establish a timeline.”

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