TRIAL WIN: Jury Awards $848,866 to Stonington Lobsterman for Hospital’s Negligence

Eastern Maine Medical Center / Northern Light Health ordered to compensate Stephen Robbins for causing a “Never Event”

A Penobscot County jury issued a $848,866.64 verdict today against Eastern Maine Medical Center (EMMC) – Northern Light Health and Dr. Rafael Grossman for injuries caused to Stephen Robbins of Stonington as a result of the defendants’ negligent conduct.

In May 2017, Dr. Grossman used mesh to repair a hernia that Mr. Robbins developed. Within a few days of the surgery, Robbins became critically ill and required emergency surgery for a small bowel obstruction. During the emergency surgery, a different surgeon discovered that Dr. Grossman had placed the mesh backwards and in the wrong location. As a result, the mesh stuck to Robbins’ small bowel and caused an obstruction. During the trial, Dr. Grossman and EMMC admitted that the mesh was improperly installed.

According to Travis Brennan of Berman & Simmons,  Mr. Robbins’ lawyer, “This is what the medical field refers to as a ‘Never Event’ because it is a type of error that should never happen. Unfortunately, these Never Events keep happening here in Maine.  We are pleased that in Stephen’s case, the jury appreciated the importance of holding the defendants accountable.”

As a result of Defendants’ negligent care, Mr. Robbins required multiple hospitalizations and was unable to return to his job as a lobsterman for an extended period of time. The jury’s monetary verdict against the EMMC and Dr. Grossman represents the amount which the jury concluded would compensate Mr. Robbins for his medical expenses, pain and suffering, and permanent injuries caused by the defendant’s conduct.