Berman & Simmons Legal Specialists Tapped to Write Maine Trial Court Practice Book

Lawyers from Berman & Simmons have again been called upon to provide expertise to the legal profession, writing chapters for A Practical Guide to Superior Court Practice in Maine, a legal industry resource that provides invaluable insight into civil and criminal practice before the Maine Superior Court.

Five Berman & Simmons lawyers agreed to provide their knowledge: Attorneys Daniel Kagan and Travis Brennan provided a chapter on trial advocacy that includes strategies for combining experience and skills with court rules for a positive outcome for clients; attorneys Susan Faunce and Sarah Hall authored a chapter covering advocacy with the Court regarding jury instructions to guide deliberations; and attorney Alicia Curtis wrote a chapter on writing winning motions addressing the law the court must apply to decide the cases that come before it.

“For over a century, our unrivaled legal experts have provided the highest levels of leadership with the trial bar,” said Berman & Simmons Managing Director Craig Bramley. “We have by far the longest track record of success winning the biggest verdicts in Maine, and we pride ourselves in sharing our deep accumulated knowledge. We consider it a privilege to mentor other Maine attorneys and to elevate legal practice in Maine very seriously. It’s an honor for our skilled professionals to contribute to the standard guidebook.”

Berman & Simmons’ legal experts have contributed chapters on select, technical legal strategies in previous years. A Practical Guide to Superior Court Practice in Maine published in December 2022.


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