Bangor Daily News reports on defective product case involving grill brush

The Bangor Daily News, a statewide newspaper in Maine, published a story this week about a defective product case being handled by Berman & Simmons.

Berman & Simmons represents Deborah Lamont of Presque Isle. Lamont suffered a serious injury in the summer of 2012 after she ingested a fragment of a high-carbon steel bristle. The lawsuit claims the bristle broke off from a grill brush and became attached to a mushroom burger that Lamont cooked and ate. Surgeons removed the fragment from Lamont’s esophagus. Berman & Simmons filed the complaint earlier this year against Ohio-based Precision Brush Co., and the seller of the grill, M2M LLC.

“They used materials that posed a foreseeable risk for serious injuries for their customers,” a Berman & Simmons representative told the Bangor Daily News. “It is a known risk those bristles can break when used on a grill, and a grill is where people put food, and there is a foreseeable risk the bristles could get on the food.”