Attorney Alicia Curtis Takes on Amazon

Berman & Simmons attorney Alicia Curtis is representing the Fisher family of Woolwich, Maine in a multi-count negligence suit against Amazon and three of its trucking company subcontractors for causing the death of 41-year-old Joe Fisher, who was struck and killed by an Amazon delivery driver on July 3, 2020 on route I-295 in Topsham, Maine. The white box truck struck Joe in front of his wife and children while he was stopped to adjust their boat trailer as they were heading to a July 4th weekend camping trip. These articles in the Bangor Daily News and Brunswick Times Record describe how Amazon Services tightly controls the entire shipping process for its packages, dictating the manner and method of delivery and controlling all details relating to the shipment, and for that reason was reckless and negligent in contracting with so-called “chameleon carriers,” trucking companies that were known safety offenders, with a public history of violations.

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