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Rebecca Ray

Medical failures lead to an above-the-knee amputation

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Client Rebecca Ray, with roboticleg paid for by her case recovery.

Rebecca Ray

Medical failures lead to an above-the-knee amputation

In 2012, Rebecca went to a medical facility because of a pain in her right foot. Initially, she was diagnosed with gout and prescribed medication, however, the pain in her foot continued to get worse. After a series of examinations, emergency room visits, and procedures, including the removal of blood clots and three toes, her foot showed little improvement. Ultimately, she underwent a below-the-knee amputation of her right leg, but due to serious post-surgery complications, an above-the-knee amputation followed several days later.

Because of medical negligence, Rebecca, a vivacious, active, fun-loving woman faces a lifetime as an above-the-knee amputee.

The challenges of an above-the-knee amputee – “a new normal”

Although Rebecca accepted her “new normal” as an above-the-knee amputee, being disabled impacted her life significantly. She was unable to find a prosthetic that fit properly, so she relied on her wheelchair to get around. The things she most enjoyed before the injury slipped away. Not only did she face challenges and limitations with everyday activities, she gained weight, lost ambition, and became reclusive.

Preparing for trial to fight for Rebecca

In preparation for trial, Berman & Simmons attorneys Jodi Nofsinger and Susan Faunce undertook exhaustive research and enlisted the best medical experts available for the case. The attorneys and their team worked with Rebecca to prove that the physicians and facilities involved in her treatment failed to meet reasonable standards of care.

For six years, Rebecca’s case was disputed by the doctors and hospital involved. Her attorneys continued to prepare for a jury trial.

A settlement and a new lease on life

Finally, in 2018, Berman & Simmons won a substantial settlement for Rebecca prior to trial. Soon after the case was closed, Rebecca purchased a Jeep and drove across the country to California, where she now lives with her dog “Nube,” and enjoys an active, independent lifestyle once again.

The settlement has given Rebecca the opportunity for a fresh start and provided her the financial security that might not have been possible without the persistence and expertise of her dedicated legal team and the resources Berman & Simmons was able to provide throughout her lengthy case.

Rebecca’s Testimonial

In 2012 Berman and Simmons took on my malpractice case after I had gone through a traumatizing medical ordeal that ended in my becoming an above knee amputee. They worked diligently over the course of six plus years to get me the best ending result. Jodi Nofsinger was the main lawyer on the case. I couldn’t be happier with how things went and the entire team at Berman and Simmons, they definitely deserve a five plus star rating! Thank you all! – R. Ray