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Alexzandria Regan

Traumatic brain injury survivor turned small business owner

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Client Alexzandria Regan rebuildingher life with a portion of her settlement

Alexzandria Regan

In 2015, Alexzandria Regan suffered brain damage when she was thrown from a golf cart at a campground. As a result of Ali’s skull fracture, she lost a lot of blood. She went to two hospitals and needed an emergent craniotomy with neurosurgery to relieve excessive pressure.

Ali spent 8 days at Maine Medical Center recovering from brain surgery.

Life as a brain damage (TBI) survivor – “I had to retrain my brain”

At 31 years old, Ali was anxious to get her personal and professional life back to normal, but she struggled with concentration, memory loss, insomnia and speech difficulties, among other things. She had to undergo neurorehabilitation, including physical, occupational, and speech therapy.  She had to re-learn many basic skills, such as walking, talking, problem solving, and successfully communicating with people.

As a result of the incident, her mental and physical health, as well as her plans for the future would never be the same.

Ali was also forced to redefine herself professionally. Despite prior goals to enter into business and real estate, she settled for a part-time job at a local florist because that was all she could handle. In that role, she was able to establish a bit of a routine, even with her limitations. However, due to financial concerns, she ultimately decided to move from an apartment in Portland, ME back to her hometown of Fryeburg, ME.

In addition to the pain and suffering she was experiencing in her daily life, and the fear and uncertainty surrounding her future, Ali accumulated over $87,000 in medical expenses.

Finally, getting life back on track

After working with attorney Michael Bigos and his team at Berman & Simmons, Ali was able to recover personal injury damages, including the cost of her medical expenses as well as compensation for past and future pain and suffering and loss of enjoyment of life. Although her world was tragically changed, she is regaining control and moving forward.

With a portion of her settlement, Ali bought a building and opened Lemon and Tulips, a small florist shop of her own in Fryeburg, ME. Now she works for herself, employs others, and continues to build her business and ties to her local community. Without compensation for the health that was permanently taken from her, re-inventing herself would have been impossible.

Alexzandria’s Testimonial

It was a Memorial Day weekend when a life-threatening accident resulted in me being transported by LifeFlight from New Hampshire to Maine for an immediate surgery. It was three days after when I became conscious and realized I had suffered a traumatic brain injury. My life changed completely as the simplest activities in my daily routine became the hardest routines imaginable. Along with having to retrain my brain with neurorehabilitation and face an overwhelming sense of exhaustion, I had to connect with a law firm for my personal injury. Berman & Simmons relieved my exhausted mind with ease. The team’s diligence, organization and thoughtfulness made a seemingly frustrating and difficult process run smoothly. I would highly recommend this firm if you want to work with passionate individuals who care. Still till this day, my attorney Mike Bigos reaches out to see how I am doing. That means the world to me. – A Regan