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Mike Hemond

Corporate negligence leads to catastrophic workplace injury

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Client Mike Hemond, a utility lineman,gets justice after double amputation.

Mike Hemond

Catastrophic Workplace Injury Leads to Double Amputation

Mike and Tracey Hemond’s lives were forever changed after a catastrophic workplace accident electrocuted Mike. While working as an electrical utility lineman in Vermont, Mike was severely injured at a substation when he opened a switch on a high-voltage power line that had too much electrical current running through it. Electricity coursed through his body, narrowly missing his heart, burning off the skin on one side of his body, and charring his feet and legs. Ultimately, Mike required amputation of both legs.

Life as a Double Amputee – “This Isn’t Right, This Isn’t Supposed to Happen”

The last thing Mike remembers before the tragic accident is looking up at the electrical switch that would ultimately cost him his legs. Then he was on the floor in agony, unable to use anything below his knees.

Tracey found her husband in the emergency room suffering excruciating pain: an experience no loved one should ever have to go through. Mike returned home knowing that nothing about the situation was right, and that he wasn’t to blame, but his life had been changed forever nonetheless.

After the amputations, Mike’s life had to be restructured and he faced a lengthy and expensive recovery. He had to undergo a series of surgeries and attend extensive physical therapy. He returned to work as soon as he could, but he was no longer able to work in the same position.

Mike and those around him knew this type of accident shouldn’t happen to an experienced linemen, and that he should not be held accountable for the injuries he sustained. When he decided to seek legal counsel, his lawyer in his home state of Vermont referred him to an attorney at Berman & Simmons.

Jury Awards $22 Million for Corporation’s Negligence

Mike and Tracey knew they were on the right track as soon as they started working with Berman & Simmons. The case proved to be challenging on many levels and it took four and a half years to resolve. But in the end, our legal team was able to prove that a major corporation had ignored safety risks and failed to take any responsibility for its conduct. At trial, the jury awarded $22.5 million to the Hemond’s, the second largest verdict in Vermont history.

Beyond the verdict, Mike got the resolution he needed: a jury of his peers confirmed that the accident was not his fault and he was not to blame. Mike now lives with a set of prosthetics that allow him to work, swim, and coach basketball.

You can read more details about this case here.

Mike’s Testimonial

“I never would have expected $22.5 million, but the true verdict I wanted was that it said zero percent my fault. If you have any questions, call [Berman & Simmons] because they will work with you and they’ll let you know up front if you have a case or not.”

Tracey’s Testimonial

“If somebody is looking for a firm, Berman & Simmons absolutely 100% is the firm to go with. They’ve gone above and beyond.”