Recent proposed state/federal changes as of April 2018

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Appellate Rule 2A(d) now allows parties to order transcripts for an appeal through an online order form. Previously, the online order form could only be used to order transcripts for a party’s own reference. The online order form can be found at The Advisory Note to the revised Rule 2A(d) makes it clear that the Judicial Branch prefers use of the online form, as it makes the process of ordering and producing the transcript more efficient.

Maine’s Rule of Professional Conduct governing conflict-of-interest when an attorney moves between law firms, has been modified to allow screening of a lawyer in order to prevent imputation of a conflict to all lawyers in her new firm. The prior version of Maine Rule of Professional Conduct 1.10 had no such provision for screening. Under the current Rule 1.10, when a lawyer is disqualified from representing a client due to her association with a prior firm, other attorneys in the new firm may represent the client provided effective screening procedures are put in place. Note that the affected client need not provide written consent, but must be given timely notice of the situation with a description of the screening procedures employed.

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