WGME I-Team interviews Daniel Kagan about odometer tampering

Daniel Kagan, an attorney with the Berman & Simmons law firm, was interviewed this week by WGME TV in Portland for a segment about odometer tampering. The segment was produced by investigative reporter Jon Chrisos of WGME TV’s I-Team.

Click on the link to watch the full segment: “Odometer rollback rip-off costing Mainers thousands of dollars

Here’s an excerpt from the segment:

Maine attorney Dan Kagan talked with the I-Team about a case he handled a few years ago. According to court documents, his client thought he was buying a Jeep Wrangler, from a southern Maine broker, promised to be in “exceptional condition” with 86,000 miles.

“The person who bought the car trusted the seller,” Kagan said.

The Jeep with 86,000 miles actually had 286,000 miles. The buyer didn’t find out until he’d already bought the SUV and tried to get the title from the Maine Secretary of State.

“Simply put the documentation had been altered,” Kagan said.

The paperwork from the seller, including a Carfax report, was falsified to indicate lower mileage, Kagan explained.

After a trip to court, the case was resolved.

“The guy who sold him the vehicle took the car back plus paid him back for his time and aggravation,” Kagan said.

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