TRIAL WIN: Berman & Simmons Attorneys Jodi Nofsinger and Susan Faunce Secure $6.5 Million Medical Malpractice Jury Verdict in Lyme Disease Case

Berman & Simmons attorneys Jodi Nofsinger and Susan Faunce won a $6.5 million jury award on behalf of the family of Peter Smith who died from a negligent misdiagnosis of Lyme carditis in 2017. The Cumberland County jury found Mercy Hospital and one of its physicians, Dr. John Henson, were negligent in the care leading up to Peter’s wrongful death.

Peter was only 25 years old in June 2021 when he paid multiple visits to Dr. Henson at Mercy, presenting with a rash, fever, chills, dizziness, and headaches, all concerning symptoms of Lyme Disease. Yet each time Dr. Henson diagnosed something else. By the time Peter was so ill from his symptoms that he had to be transported to Mercy via ambulance, it was too late. It was then that he was correctly diagnosed with Lyme Disease and Lyme carditis by a different team of physicians and died about a week later from the condition.

Attorneys Nofsinger and Faunce said of the verdict: “We are thankful that the jury held Mercy Hospital and Dr. Henson accountable for the needless and tragic death of young Peter Smith. Peter’s family will be grieving his loss forever. They have some solace in knowing that justice has occurred and hope that this verdict helps to prevent this kind of negligence and wrongful death from happening to anyone else.”

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