Berman & Simmons Attorneys Secure Victory as Maine Superior Court Judge Rules Law Eliminating Statute of Limitations for Sex Crimes is Constitutional

A Maine Superior Court judge has ruled that the law eliminating the statute of limitations for sex crimes is constitutional. Attorney Michael Bigos, who is representing 13 clients in lawsuits against the Maine Catholic Diocese with claims of sexual abuse by priests and a nun in Maine dating back to the 50s stated:
“The Maine Superior Court upheld the will of the people, and cleared a long overdue path to justice for survivors of childhood sexual abuse, by upholding the constitutionality of Maine’s new law removing the statute of limitations for these survivors to bring their claims. No longer will most survivors be limited to paltry remedies of veiled apologies and offers of controlled counseling for the atrocities and institutional betrayal that childhood sexual abuse in Maine caused them.”


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Maine law allowing older child sex abuse lawsuits ruled constitutional