Top Maine law firm adds practice area: Dangerous Drugs and Medical Devices

PORTLAND, LEWISTON, and BANGOR, Maine – Berman & Simmons, the largest law firm in Maine dedicated to representing plaintiffs in personal injury and medical malpractice cases, is expanding into a new area of law this year.

The firm is now accepting clients who have been harmed by dangerous drugs or medical devices. These are some of the most complex cases in the legal system, often involving plaintiffs from many states taking on powerful corporations. Berman & Simmons’ efforts in this area will be led by attorney Susan Faunce, a Lewiston native who has been a lawyer at the firm for 10 years. Faunce also serves as co-chair of the Women’s Law Section of the Maine State Bar Association.

The expansion gives Maine people access to local, trusted attorneys to handle claims involving medications and medical devices. Faunce, attorney Michael Bigos, and others at Berman & Simmons will work with top firms around the nation to pursue claims.

“The pharmaceutical industry and the medical device industry continue to churn out new products and make billions in profits. In this rush to market, consumer safety has become an afterthought,” Faunce said. “Sometimes, drugs aren’t tested adequately, or they are marketed for purposes beyond what they were approved for. Companies have even concealed or misrepresented data, putting the public at risk.”

“We’re proud to stand up for people who have been harmed as a result of these negligent practices. As a firm, we have the ability and resources to investigate these cases, to provide compensation for victims, and to hold corporations accountable.”

Established in 1914, Berman & Simmons has 16 lawyers and more than 40 staff members at offices in Portland, Lewiston, and Bangor. Chambers USA and other publications consistently rank it as the best plaintiffs’ personal injury and medical malpractice firm in Maine. Its lawyers have won many of the largest jury verdicts ever awarded in Maine courts.

Craig Bramley, managing director, said the expansion into the practice area of dangerous drugs and medical devices aligns well with the core mission of the firm — to pursue justice for the people of Maine, even against the toughest opponents.

“Our civil justice system provides the framework for us to serve as a watchdog for consumers, and to keep the power of corporate America in check,” Bramley said. “That is a role we take very seriously, and as long as people are harmed through no fault of their own, we will continue to fulfill it to the best of our abilities.”