More Survivors of Child Sexual Abuse in Maine Can Pursue Justice as State Amends Statute of Limitations

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Berman & Simmons explains how more survivors can come forward when they are ready

Lewiston, ME – June 23, 2021 — This week the State of Maine changed the statute of limitations for those born before August 11, 1970, who were sexually abused as children, allowing them to pursue civil claims against their abuser.

“Come forward when you are ready.  For many, now it is time.” said Berman & Simmons attorney Michael Bigos, who represents victims of sexual abuse in the current federal bankruptcy litigation concerning Boy Scouts of America abuse, and against many others including church-based organizations, private schools and agencies. Bigos also leads the firm’s specialty practice for child sex abuse.

Berman & Simmons represents victims of sexual abuse and sexual assault in a broad range of cases.

“Now, for many survivors it’s possible for the truth to see the light of day. No one is safe if perpetrators of sexual abuse are not held accountable,” said Bigos.  “Many real, meritorious cases that were turned away year after year because of statute of limitations can now move forward.  Many of you are ready now because you didn’t have support years ago. You’re not alone. Now the truth can see the light of day.

“Thank you to Rep. Lori Gramlich who sponsored the bill, to Governor Mills for signing it, and the many legislators who fought for and supported the new law.”

The nature of child sexual abuse injuries frequently results in victims not coming forward for years or decades because of the psychological injury and victims’ survival instincts. The average age of adults who report that they were abused sexually as a child is 52.

This new change in the law reflects the latest trauma-informed and policy-based law based on examples of widespread abusers like the Catholic Church, Boy Scouts of America, school teachers and coaches.

Attorney Michael Bigos testified before a legislative committee in support of this change in the law.

Survivors of childhood sexual abuse who contact Berman & Simmons can be assured that they will have a safe space to discuss the details of their abuse. Their stories will be validated so that they can receive justice.

Berman & Simmons welcomes anyone to contact them confidentially to ask questions about their rights for free.  For more information, visit or call 800-244-3576.

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