Attorney Spotlight: Managing Director Craig Bramley Celebrates 25 Years, Building Legacy of Shared Success

There’s an elegant irony to Craig Bramley’s leadership—though fiercely competitive and driven to keep Berman & Simmons in the spotlight, it’s never something he actively seeks for himself.

That’s because Craig—who assumed the role of Managing Director in 2014 and recently celebrated 25 years with the firm—is instead focused on architecture for sustained success. For Craig, successful leadership is about attracting talent and cultivating an engaging and supportive work environment in which attorneys and staff have agency in how their careers develop.

“I love the excitement of bringing someone in that I think can really contribute, and then mentoring and helping them to integrate and grow into the role they want,” he reflected recently. “Really, my job is to bring out the best in a talented group of people.”

A self-described enthusiast of board games and outdoor adventure, Craig channels his “hyper-competitive” nature into a winning recipe for success by elevating those around him and keeping them engaged in meaningful advocacy across the firm’s myriad practice areas. “We prioritize an environment where all lawyers and their teams have access to really interesting work,” said Craig. “We don’t have anyone whose job it is to handle 200 small cases of just one variety.”

At the end of the day, Craig hopes this approach will leave a quiet but important legacy.

“I want to be remembered as someone who brought talented people together in a place that maximized their expertise and potential,” he said. “To give people the opportunity to do good work and develop in a way that advances their own goals and aspirations and grows our firm’s reputation of excellent service to our clients.”

And, according to Craig, it’s an attitude that’s catching. “The lawyers and staff here work together, put aside their egos, collaborate, and enjoy each other’s successes.”

Thanks, Craig, for 25 years of service to Berman & Simmons’s shareholders, attorneys, staff, and clients.