Introducing Practice Builder–Helpful Wisdom and Insights for Maine’s New Attorneys

Torts. Property. Con Law. Legal Writing. Internships. And the “hits keep coming.” Let’s face it, future attorneys learn a lot during law school. From understanding how to “read” and “speak” the language of the law to moot court and experiential learning. Many young future attorneys graduate with confidence in their abilities.

But soon, as reality sets in and the supportive structure of the classroom fades away, every young attorney experiences moments of self-doubt. Because, while law school does a good job preparing the next generation of lawyers, some things can only be taught in the “real world.”

Often, young legal professionals “cut their teeth” and “take their lumps” en route to long and successful careers. But wouldn’t it be better if there were a reliable resource for young attorneys to get answers to the questions they feel like they should know, but have been afraid, ashamed, or too embarrassed to ask? We think so!

Addressing the Real Issues Young Attorneys Face

Berman & Simmons is excited to announce Practice Builder—an upcoming digital media publication focused on bringing to light the real issues and common challenges young attorneys face in their first decade of practice. This series aims to provide guidance, advice, and empirical insights from veteran practitioners.

Supporting Maine’s Next Generation of Lawyers

From explaining how referrals work to networking tips to managing the complexities of your first “big case,” the Practice Builder series will aim to bridge the gap between the potential young lawyers possess and the repeatable best outcomes they hope to achieve. Tapping into one of the Maine bar’s most diverse and experienced professional attorney networks, Berman & Simmons is proud to offer this content as means of educating and supporting the next generation of Maine lawyers.

Be on the lookout for an email from Berman & Simmons as we launch this exciting new series in the coming months!