Berman & Simmons Secures $750,000 Settlement for Pedestrian Brain Injury Victim

A $750,000 settlement was awarded to a woman injured in a bicycle accident.

The victim was crossing an intersection in downtown Camden, Maine when she was struck by a bicycle rider who had been riding dangerously, weaving through traffic and failed to yield the right of way. The victim suffered a skull fracture, traumatic brain injury, memory problems, and other injuries. She will live with permanent physical and emotional damage from the crash.

Attorney Michael Bigos of the Berman & Simmons law firm in Lewiston represented the women in her lawsuit.

The $750,000 settlement compensates the victim for medical expenses, lost earnings and lost earning capacity, as well as her pain and suffering, permanent scarring, and loss of enjoyment of life.

Each year, there are around 50,000 bicyclists injured and 6,000 pedestrians killed in bicycle accidents. Berman & Simmons advocates for victims while holding accountable those who are negligent.