TRIAL WIN: Berman & Simmons Attorney Travis Brennan Secures $1.2 Million Verdict in Medical Negligence Case

Cary Medical Center ordered to compensate Patricia Akerson for painful, unnecessary injuries after failing to properly treat internal bleeding in her leg.

An Aroostook County jury found Cary Medical Center staff failed to properly monitor and treat Patricia Akerson’s internal bleeding in her leg and awarded her $1.2 million in damages to compensate her for serious injuries to her leg, which required painful and unnecessary surgeries and caused permanent scarring.

Akerson’s attorney Travis Brennan of Berman & Simmons said, “This was a case about egregious medical care that ought to have no place in the State of Maine. Cary Medical Center’s failure to monitor and treat our client led to her enduring three needless surgeries and permanent injury, but in other contexts such poor care could have led to death.”

In 2015, Akerson sought treatment at Cary Medical Center’s emergency department after a piece of wood struck her shin and a pool of blood formed beneath her skin. Despite the dangerous features associated with her injury and the fact that she took blood thinning medication, Patricia was neither monitored nor treated and, instead, was sent home with ongoing internal bleeding. The next day the pool of blood erupted through her skin, causing her to return to Cary Medical Center and subsequently endure three painful, corrective surgeries that left significant scarring.

Brennan added, “We are pleased that the jury understood the high stakes at issue in this case and through their verdict took decisive action to deliver justice for our client and protect the community from dangerous medicine that threatens the well-being of all Mainers.”

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