Attorney Susan Faunce Addresses Wrongful Death Case in Media

Multiple Maine media have given attention to a lawsuit against private healthcare provider Wellpath, LLC for providing substandard care to inmates at Maine State Prison that resulted in the death of Andrew Leighton. Attorneys Susan Faunce and Christopher Boots represent Leighton’s family in the case.

Attorney Faunce told Maine Public Radio:

“I think this case really showcases the sort of systemic problems of prison health care that’s run by a private, for-profit corporation… I think there were instances of lack of communication, lack of documentation, lack of coordination of care, staffing issues, which all sort of culminated when his state became critical and required emergency care. And the system failed him.”

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Portland Press Herald columnist Bill Nemitz has been chronicling the case since Leighton’s death and also spoke with Faunce about the suit.

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