Maine Supreme Court Upholds $2 Million Jury Award

Case Update: In March 2019 the Maine Supreme Judicial Court affirmed the original $2 million jury award to Robbie Nason following an appeal by the defendants Eastern Maine Medical Center (now known as Northern Light Eastern Maine Medical Center) and Dr. Timothy Pruchnic. The full decision to uphold the damages can be read here:

Robbie M. Nason v. Timothy Pruchnic et al.

BANGOR, Maine, Oct.27, 2017 — A jury in Bangor today awarded $2 million to a Penobscot County man in a medical malpractice case against Eastern Maine Medical Center and a hand surgeon.

The verdict in favor of Robbie Nason, 49, of Greenbush, concluded a weeklong civil trial at Penobscot County Superior Court.

Attorneys Jodi Nofsinger and Susan Faunce of Berman & Simmons represented Nason in the case against defendants EMMC, and Dr. Timothy Pruchnic.

Nason broke his right wrist when a kayak fell on him on July 17, 2013. Dr. Pruchnic, a hand surgeon, performed surgery on Nason a few months after the incident.

Attorneys Nofsinger and Faunce alleged that Dr. Pruchnic failed to properly insert a screw in Nason’s hand during surgery. That negligence resulted in permanent damage, complications and the need for multiple follow-up surgeries by a different surgeon, Nofsinger argued at the trial.

Today’s jury verdict covers Nason’s loss of income, permanent disfigurement and impairment, and other damages.

“We’re pleased with the outcome, we’re pleased for Robbie and we’re thankful for the hard work putin by the jury. This has been a long road for Robbie and he is glad to move forward,” Nofsinger said afterthe verdict.

“The people of Maine put their trust in our state’s doctors and hospitals to treat them with the same level of planning and care they would expect for their own loved ones. When providers fail to meet those standards, it’s important to hold them accountable in our civil justice system.”


Berman & Simmons Attorney Jodi Nofsinger

Jodi Nofsinger

Berman & Simmons Attorney Susan Faunce

Susan Faunce