Jury awards $200K to Maine victim of hit-and-run driver

On Sept. 26, a jury in Rockland, Maine, awarded $200,000 to a man from Knox County whose hand was seriously injured during a hit-and-run incident.

The verdict in favor of 22-year-old Adam Feener concluded a three-day civil trial at Knox County Superior Court, before Justice Joyce Wheeler.

Attorney Michael Bigos of Berman & Simmons represented Feener, of Hope, Maine, in the trial against Concord Insurance Group, The Main Street America Group, and Progressive Insurance Company.

On the evening of June 30, 2012, Feener was riding in the back seat of a Jeep Grand Cherokee that was travelling south on Route 131 in the town of Searsmont. He was 16 years old at the time. As it was a warm night, Feener held his left hand outside the rear window, letting the breeze move his hand up and down. At that precise moment, a pickup truck crossed the center line. The truck’s driver-side mirror struck Feener’s hand, causing permanent injury and disfigurement. Police were not able to locate the hit-and-run driver.

Feener sued the insurance companies in 2015, alleging they failed to adequately compensate him for his injuries. At trial, the jury found Feener’s damages to be $675,000, mostly for pain and suffering, and loss of enjoyment of life. The jury found Feener partly at fault, and reduced the total award to $200,000.

Bigos said the jury award was significantly higher than the pre-trial settlement offers made by the insurance companies.

“Insurance companies will always be able to break their promises, unless juries hold them responsible,” Bigos said. “The jury agreed with Adam. He simply wanted reasonable compensation for his injuries, because the insurance companies promised, for what they were paid, to protect him from serious harm and death.”

Berman & Simmons Attorney Michael Bigos

Attorney Michael Bigos, Berman & Simmons