Berman & Simmons Attorney Daniel Kagan Delivers Expert Guidance for National Brain Injury Panel

This month Daniel G. Kagan, a trial attorney with a focus on compensating victims of brain injury acquired due to negligence, joined Jeffrey S. Barkin, M.D., a brain injury specialist, to present at the 2021 Brain Injury Association of America “Defining Moments in Brain Injury” conference, held virtually.

Both the extent and duration of brain injury recovery are highly variable, creating an entire source of stress on top of those associated with the symptoms caused by the brain injury itself. During the session titled “Predictably Unpredictable: Variability in brain injury recovery,” the pair identified and discussed the factors that can prolong, and even inhibit brain injury recovery, and what patients and their support team – family, medical, legal – can do to minimize their impact.

Here are some of the attendees’ comments:

  • Thank you for the presentation, so much valuable information.
  • Thanks for this excellent presentation.
  • This was so informative and engaging – thank you both so much!
  • I am so glad to see someone in the legal system taking the interest in learning about TBIs. A basic understanding of the issues of survivors and families is desperately needed in my experience. Not just for injury cases but also for guardianship hearings, and many other situations that symptoms would come into play.
  • Thank you and good to see the legal system and medical field working so well together.
  • Thank you! Excellent presentation.
  • Great information and very engaging to listen to.