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Auburn, Androscoggin County, Maine. In this personal injury car accident case, a motor vehicle passed plaintiff at a high rate of speed, crashed into an on-coming vehicle head-on and side-swiped plaintiff's car. Driver of passing automobile was uninsured and died at the scene of the accident. Plaintiff incurred chronic neck and shoulder pain, and lost earnings of approximately $10,000 and medical bills of $4,710.83. Plaintiff sued his insurance company for uninsured motorist claim. Prior to... More
Bangor, United States District Court, Maine. While employed with Maine National Guard in Augusta, Maine, plaintiff sustained serious personal injury when heavy equipment being moved by defendant's employee fell of a pallet jack. Plaintiff suffered severe back and nerve injury, degenerative disc disease, which resulted in surgery, bi-level spinal fusion including bone graft from hip and placement of rods and screws. Plaintiff sued for pain and suffering, medical bills and lost wages. Prior to trial,... More
Cumberland County. Plaintiff claimed soft tissue damages to her neck, shoulders, back and hips after being struck by an improperly secured shed wall that was being constructed on her property. Plaintiff claimed $17,000 in medical bills, including $12,000 for chiropractic care. Defendant argued that the post-accident problems were merely a continuation of complaints and treatment Plaintiff had been receiving for several years prior to the accident. Prior to trial, Plaintiff's demand was $70,000 and settlement offer was $7,500. More
Other Portland, United States District Court, Maine. Two plaintiffs sued defendant restaurant company for sexual harassment claiming defendant's employee supervisor sexually harassed them thus causing them emotional distress. The case went to jury on the issue of punitive damages. After verdict in favor of one plaintiff of $175,000, the case was settled for a total of $275,000. Prior to settlement, offer was $16,500. More
Auburn, Androscoggin County, Maine. Plaintiff sued defendant oil company for breach of contract and price fixing when defendant coerced him to fix gasoline prices. Plaintiff incurred damages of lost gasoline sales, lost store sales, lost retirement income and penalties. Priot to trial, no settlement offer was made. More
Augusta, Kennebec County, Maine. Plaintiff sustained personal injury in this slip and fall accident due to defendant's failure to provide proper warning at his roller skating rink. Lack of clear notice created a hazardous condition and resulted in two broken bones in leg and sprained wrist, pain and suffering. Plaintiff incurred medical bills of $15,637.84. More
Auburn, Androscoggin County, Maine. In this car, truck accident, plaintiff incurred personal injury when the rear of defendant's tractor-trailer truck crashed into side of plaintiff's vehicle while he was stopped at a red light. Plaintiff sustained whiplash neck injury and aggravation of a previous back worker's compensation injury. More
Alfred, York County, Maine. Plaintiff and defendant, husband and wife had been drinking and were under the influence of alcohol. Defendant was driver of car when plaintiff sat on hood and plaintiff drove off causing plaintiff to fall off. Plaintiff incurred a broken ankle in his personal injury requiring six surgeries. Prior to trial, settlement offer was $50,000. More
Auburn, Androscoggin County, Maine. In this slip and fall accident, plaintiff suffered personal injury when she fell on a wet, slippery floor at defendant K-Mart's store. Defendant's employee was mopping water on floor and failed to post a warning notice. Plaintiff sustained pain and suffering of a broken kneecap. Plaintiff incurred $22,000 in medical bills. Prior to trial settlement offer was $40,000. More
Belfast, Knox County, Maine. In this personal injury intentional harm case, plaintiff suffered a broken neck and became paralyzed after defendant assaulted him at a party knocking him over a railing onto a stone driveway. Both parties had been drinking heavily. Plaintiff did incur lost wages and did regain use of his arms and legs but continued to have nerve damage. Defendant claimed he had not even seen defendant at party. Prior to trial, settlment... More

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