Patient Safety News: California Man Awarded $80 Million for Cancer Caused by Roundup Weed Killer

A California jury agreed that routine use of the weed killer Roundup caused the cancer of a 70- year-old man, awarding him $80 million in damages in March 2019.

The patient said he regularly used Roundup products in his yard to treat weeds, poison oak and overgrowth and argued that the manufacturer was negligent in not providing sufficient cancer warnings on the label. The World Health Organization says glyphosate, the pesticide and herbicide used in Roundup, is a likely human carcinogen.

This is the second verdict against Roundup’s manufacturer and in favor of the consumer. In August a different jury awarded $289 million to another patient, which was later reduced to $78 million by the judge. Bayer, which acquired Roundup-maker Monsanto last year denies any health risk from the product.

“Truthful, clear and informative labeling should be a basic business responsibility,” said Berman & Simmons attorney Susan Faunce. “Consumers have the right to know the dangers in the products they purchase and businesses have the obligation to be transparent.”

Attorney Susan Faunce leads the firm’s mass tort practice and is pursuing claims for compensation on behalf of patients who have developed serious complications from dangerous drugs and medical devices.




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