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C.R. Bard, maker of the inferior vena cava (IVC) filter G2, will pay plaintiff Sherr-Una Booker $3.6 million for injuries she suffered from the device and for failure to warn about its dangers. Berman and Simmons has an experienced team of lawyers who focus on representing victims of dangerous drugs and medical devices, including IVC filters. More

A recent NBC Nightly News investigation revealed that 27 deaths and 300 non-fatal complications have been linked to inferior vena cava (IVC) filters made by C.R. Bard. The filters can sometimes end up being left in patients because doctors didn't tell patients they were implanted, or patients forgot they were there, especially after a traumatic injury.


A car accident, sudden fall, or traumatic blow to the spine can fracture or dislocate vertebrae causing significant pain and permanent injury

With further advancements in modern medicine and knowledge of these life-altering issues, patients with severe spinal cord injuries are making miraculous recoveries. This article reviews some examples of the recent advancements in spinal cord injury treatment.


In Maine, the minimum uninsured/underinsured motorist (UM) coverage is $50,000 per person or $100,000 per accident, which is equal to the minimum mandatory liability coverage. However, if you are seriously injured in a car accident by someone with minimum coverage — or worse yet, no coverage at all — it will be very difficult for you to cover property damage, medical bills, lost wages, and other short term and long term expenses from your crash.

In this article, we examine the risks posed by underinsured and uninsured motorists. We also give you some specific steps you can take to make sure you have protection against the damage done by these uninsured/underinsured drivers.

If you were seriously injured in a car crash by someone else’s negligence or want to learn more about how to protect yourself against underinsured or uninsured drivers, ...More

Johnson & Johnson and its DePuy Orthopaedics unit are to pay $247 million to six patients who have suffered from defective Pinnacle hip implants. The company faces over 9,700 similar lawsuits across America for the defective product after taking it off the market in 2013 because of new regulations set by the FDA.

If you have suffered complications because of a hip implant, contact Berman & Simmons, the leading law firm in Maine for people who have been harmed by dangerous and defective medical implants and devices.


If you’re thinking about filing a personal injury claim, you’re probably wondering how much money you might be able to recover. Though there are many factors involved, this article will provide some brief definitions of the most common types of damages awarded in personal injury lawsuits.

If you have been injured in an accident, contact Berman & Simmons for a free consultation. Our legal team has the most experience in Maine handling personal injury claims and recovering the compensation you deserve. 


A recent study by Northwestern University has found that, if left in the body for seven months or more, inferior vena cava (IVC) filters can increase the risk of damaged veins or other injuries. The FDA stated in 2010 that it’s best to remove the filters between 29 and 54 days after implementation to prevent complications.

If you have suffered complications after an IVC filter implant, contact Berman & Simmons to find out if you are entitled to compensation.


About 60% of heart bypass surgeries use the Sorin Sockert 3T heater-cooler system, a device intended to control a patient’s blood and organ temperature during the procedure. The device has been linked to dozens of infections in patients, including some fatal infections.  

If you have suffered complications resulting from a heater-cooler system, contact Berman & Simmons to find out if you are entitled to compensation.


Students going back to school and weather-related driving conditions can create hazards for drivers in New England during the fall and winter months. Unfortunately, hundreds of people are injured and several are killed this time of year in driving accidents that involve cars, trucks, and pedestrians.

This article provides some of the driving situations you may encounter during the fall and winter, as well as some simple driving tips to keep in mind to reduce potential vehicle accidents, and protect yourself, your family, and other drivers.

If you were in a car crash and were seriously hurt by someone else’s negligence or reckless driving, contact Berman & Simmons, Maine’s leading personal injury law firm.


The Journal of Patient Safety recently reported that as many as 440,000 Americans die each year from medical errors, and thousands more are seriously injured. That study ranked medical errors as the third leading cause of death in the U.S., behind only heart disease and cancer. The fact is, medical errors are all too common in hospitals and healthcare facilities. 

In this article, we discuss why medical errors happen, the different types of medical errors, and ways to help reducec the number of errors and related deaths. We also include some helpful resources for additional information. 

If you have been injured because of a medical error, contact Berman & Simmons for a free consultation. Our experienced medical malpractice lawyers can help determine if your healthcare provider failed you in any way.


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