Workplace Injuries: Utility lineman attached to pole working on power lines.

Maine Workplace Accident Lawyers

Securing full compensation for workers injured on the job

Employers in Maine have the responsibility to maintain safe workplaces, whether it’s a construction site, factory, office building, or some other setting.

Unfortunately, employers don’t always meet these responsibilities. Each year, more than 3 million people in the U.S. suffer from work-related injuries, including accidents and chronic problems that build up over time. Experts believe the number is likely much higher because many Americans don’t report workplace injuries due to fear of losing their jobs, or other retaliation.

In Maine, workers pride themselves on being productive and dependable. No one wants to be injured on the job. But if you don’t pursue compensation, you will miss your chance to provide financial security for yourself and those who depend on you.

By law, workers are entitled to full and fair compensation for their injuries. For more than 100 years, Berman & Simmons has been the “go-to” law firm in Maine for people injured at work. We have the experience, knowledge, and tenacity to win your case, and we would be proud to serve as your advocate.

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For the best results, you need the best Maine workplace accident lawyers

Berman & Simmons is widely recognized as the best personal injury lawyers in Maine and among the best in the U.S. We have obtained several of the largest jury verdicts in Maine history, and many of the largest settlements for our clients.

Our attorneys are extremely knowledgeable about medical issues and skilled at proving fault, documenting the extent of your losses, and ensuring you receive full compensation. We have recovered $1 billion for our injured clients.

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You focus on recovery. We take care of the rest.

After an injury, your attention is pulled away from the one place where it should be ― on your health and recovery. Instead, you face the pressure of creditors, employers, and insurance companies that often try to place the blame on you, the victim.

We can turn the tables in your favor. While our lawyers aggressively work to maximize your financial award, our caring and responsive staff can help reduce stress during your recovery. We take the time to listen to you, understand your concerns, and come up with solutions that can make your life better including obtaining payment for or deferral of your debts until your case is resolved.

With us in your corner, you can focus on your health, and get back to living your life.


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