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Eye problems, vision loss and blindness associated with taking Elmiron may entitle you to compensation

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Many individuals have developed serious and irreversible eye problems, including vision loss and blindness, after long-term use of the prescription medication Elmiron (pentosan polysulfate sodium). Used to treat interstitial cystitis, a chronic condition that causes severe bladder and pelvic pain, Elmiron has caused ocular damage in up to 25 percent of those who took the drug for longer than six months, according to researchers.

Even though studies demonstrating a connection between Elmiron and eye damage have been available since 2018, it was not until June 2020 that the drug’s manufacturer, Janssen Pharmaceuticals, updated Elmiron’s product labeling to warn of vision problems. This was far too late for countless individuals who now live with vision loss and other eye conditions caused by the medication.

Berman & Simmons Is Pursuing Claims Relating to Degenerative Eye Issues Caused by Elmiron

Berman & Simmons, Maine’s premier dangerous drug law firm, is currently investigating and pursuing claims on behalf of individuals in Maine and throughout New England who experienced significant vision problems after taking Elmiron. Compensation may be available in Elmiron vision loss litigation against the drug manufacturer. Our attorneys can meet with you for a free consultation to discuss your condition and your claims and determine whether you may be eligible to pursue damages for your injuries.

Elmiron and Ocular Damage

First approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in 1985, Elmiron is prescribed to treat interstitial cystitis, a chronic condition that causes severe bladder and pelvic pain. An estimated one million Americans, disproportionately women, live with the condition.
Studies beginning in 2018 showed a correlation between vision problems and long-term Elmiron use. Specifically, they found that Elmiron may cause pigmentary retinal maculopathy, a degenerative eye disorder that can lead to vision loss or blindness. Researchers found that up to 25 percent of Elmiron users showed signs of ocular toxicity and eye damage.
Besides vision loss, eye problems associated with pigmentary retinal maculopathy caused by Elmiron may include:

  • Blurry vision.
  • Night blindness.
  • Difficulty reading.
  • Dark spots.
  • Loss of close vision.
  • Visual dimming.

Failure to Warn of Known Risks Related to Elmiron

Even though there are known risks of vision loss and eye damage associated with Elmiron, the product remains on the market. Until June 2020, the drug’s manufacturer, Janssen Pharmaceuticals, a division of Johnson & Johnson put no warning on the product advising patients of the risk of macular damage, visual changes, or other eye conditions associated with Elmiron.
Elmiron’s label now warns that the medication can change pigments in the retina and cause blurred vision, reading problems, and sensitivity to low light. The new warning also notes that users’ eyesight may continue to deteriorate even after they stop using the drug.

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For over 100 years, countless personal injury victims in Maine and throughout New England have placed their trust in the lawyers of Berman & Simmons to help them through the legal challenges that follow a serious injury or the loss of a family member. We have the experience, expertise, and resources needed to hold pharmaceutical companies accountable for the harm they inflict when they put their profits ahead of the safety of those who use their products. If you have questions or concerns about vision problems caused by Elmiron or would like to explore the possibility of obtaining compensation for your losses, please contact the Maine dangerous drug lawyers at Berman & Simmons today at 866-664-2403 to arrange for your free consultation. You pay nothing unless we obtain compensation for you by settlement or jury verdict. We welcome the opportunity to assist you.

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Under state and federal law, victims of dangerous medical devices have the right to recover financial damages for various categories of loss, including:

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