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Dangerous Drugs and Medical Device Lawyers in Maine

Standing up for victims of dangerous drugs and medical devices

Every day, millions of people in the U.S. rely on prescription drugs and medical devices to treat illness and injury, and to improve the quality of their lives. Unfortunately, not all of these products are safe. Companies sometimes place dangerous drugs and medical devices on the market without adequate testing, safeguards, or warnings. Some of these cases are well publicized, while many others never make the headlines, but cause just as much pain to the people whose lives are affected.

When companies take shortcuts and fail to put safety first, consumers suffer the consequences.

If you have been harmed by a dangerous drug or a defective medical device, we are prepared to stand up for you and your family. Our team of experienced lawyers will hold these companies accountable and make sure you receive full compensation for the harm done to you.

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For dangerous drug and medical device lawsuits, talk with a local Maine law firm you can trust

Berman & Simmons has been representing plaintiffs in personal injury, medical malpractice, and other serious injury cases for more than 100 years.

We’re proud to be the trusted firm in Maine for people who have been seriously injured, and families that have suffered losses, through no fault of their own. We are recognized as the best personal injury and medical malpractice law firm in Maine and among the best in the U.S. We have obtained several of the largest jury verdicts in Maine history, and many of the largest settlements for our clients.

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Dangerous medical devices: Defects and recalls are widespread in the U.S.

With advancements in medical technology, more people than ever need medical devices to help treat injury and disease and maintain their quality of life. Despite these breakthroughs, these products are sometimes dangerous to the patients they are supposed to help. LEARN MORE

Dangerous drugs: A troubled history of recalls, warnings, and big profits

Medications are supposed to help you feel better. Unfortunately, drug companies may place a drug on the market without sufficient research and monitoring procedures. They may not properly warn patients and physicians about the dangerous risks and side effects of their drugs. LEARN MORE

Drug and medical device manufacturers must meet legal obligations

The companies that make prescription drugs and medical devices have a legal responsibility to ensure their products are safe and must:

  • Conduct adequate clinical trials and other testing as required by the FDA.
  • Clearly explain the risks and benefits of their products to healthcare providers and consumers.
  • Continue to test their products for safety.

When corporations fail to satisfy any of these or other requirements, they can be held legally responsible to the people they hurt. Dangerous drug and medical device lawsuits involve complex legal and medical issues, and they are expensive to pursue. At Berman & Simmons, our attorneys are extremely knowledgeable in both the legal and medical aspects of your case, and we have the resources to take on any opponent.

A law firm that actually listens to you

At Berman & Simmons we treat you as a person, not a case number. We take pride in providing the highest level of legal representation, while maintaining the personal, one-on-one customer service you expect in Maine.

We understand the challenges you face. We realize that beyond the physical struggles, the emotional and financial impacts can be overwhelming.

Our lawyers and staff members take the time to listen to you, understand your concerns, and come up with solutions that can make your life better.


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