Premier legal guidebook features contributions from Berman & Simmons attorneys

Berman & Simmons attorneys Daniel Kagan, Alicia Curtis, and Benjamin Gideon contributed chapters for A Practical Guide to Superior Court Practice in Maine, a guide book for trial lawyers published this spring by Massachusetts Continuing Legal Education.

The book is a premier resource for lawyers in Maine, containing chapters by judges and lawyers who were chosen for their experience and command of the state’s laws and procedures. For a description and other details about the book, click on this link to the Massachusetts Continuing Legal Education website.

Curtis and Gideon co-authored “Civil Motion Practice – Dispositive Motions,” which provides practical information on such critical filings as motions to dismiss and motions for summary judgment. The chapter explains the rules and case law applicable to all aspects of dispositive motions, and provides useful practice pointers for new and experienced attorneys.

Kagan’s chapter is titled “Trial Advocacy.” This chapter draws upon Kagan’s trial experience in teaching lawyers how to be most effective in advocating for their clients throughout the trial. It provides guidance for lawyers on effective use of motions, how to conduct jury selection, opening and closing statements, and how to present evidence in the most persuasive manner.

Craig Bramley, Managing Director at Berman & Simmons, said the contributions of the attorneys reflect the firm’s position as the leader in Maine for the representation of plaintiffs in personal injury, medical malpractice, and other civil cases.