CN Brown, Techno Metal Post Maine Sued for Causing Farmington Explosion

Victims and families claim negligence caused injury and loss of life

Attorneys for Larry and Sandra Lord of Jay have filed suit against C.N. Brown Company and Techno Metal Post Maine for causing a September 16, 2019 explosion at the Farmington LEAP building which resulted in catastrophic injuries to Mr. Lord.  The attorney for the Estate of Farmington Fire Captain Michael Bell and fellow Farmington firefighters has also filed suit against CN Brown and Techno Metal Post Maine, claiming damages for Captain Bell’s death and injuries to the firefighters.

The negligence lawsuits follow findings by state and federal agencies that critical safety violations by CN Brown and Techno Metal Post Maine led to the explosion. Techno Metal Post drilled into the ground without first checking for buried utilities in violation of Maine Dig Safe laws, causing the leak in the propane gas line. Upon receiving LEAP’s report that the tank was empty and that there was no hot water in the building, the dispatched CN Brown technician simply refilled the tank without first performing a routine pressure leak test as required by law. Because of CN Brown’s failure to do the test, the leak went undetected and the building, then filled with propane gas, exploded three days later.

The explosion killed Farmington Fire Captain Michael Bell and injured several other firefighters. Catastrophically injured by the explosion was LEAP employee Larry Lord, who suffered devastating burns over 85% of his body and other injuries, requiring hospitalization and critical in-patient rehabilitation for nearly seven months. He returned home to a hero’s welcome in April but continues to battle for his health, says his lawyer, Steven Silin of Berman & Simmons in Lewiston.  “Larry Lord and his devoted wife Sandy continue to fight daily against the horrible effects of the injuries he received in this explosion,” said Silin.  “Their greatest wish is that, someday, Larry will be able to return to a fulfilling, healthy life.  We brought this lawsuit to help make that possible for him and his family.”

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