Berman & Simmons lawyers present at annual MSBA conference

Four lawyers from the Berman & Simmons law firm gave presentations at the annual meeting of the Maine State Bar Association (MSBA) in January, providing insights about best practices and unique challenges in product liability and professional negligence litigation.

In addition, Berman & Simmons lawyers James O’Connell and Robert Furbish gave a presentation in January to The John Waldo Ballou Inn of Court.

These presentations reflect the strong commitment of Berman & Simmons to the advancement of the law in Maine through legal education, and the firm’s good relationships with other law firms and solo practitioners around the state.

The MSBA annual winter meeting was held Jan. 20-22 in South Portland. Berman & Simmons attorneys James O’Connell and Alicia Curtis, along with lawyers Jerrol Crouter, Peter Del Bianco, and Michael Martin, gave a presentation titled “Family BBQ Gone Awry: Investigating, Litigating and Mediating an Interesting Product Liability Case.” O’Connell and Curtis represented the plaintiff in the case.

Here’s the description of the presentation:

“The plaintiff in this matter was injured as the result of swallowing a fragment of a barbecue grill brush bristle. While the plaintiff was cleaning her grill with the brush, a small metal fragment broke off the brush and became attached to the grill grate. The fragment then became attached to her burger and was ingested when the she ate the burger. As a result, the plaintiff suffered an injury to her esophagus and required surgery to remove the fragment. The plaintiff sued the seller and manufacturers of the grill brush, claiming that the brush was defectively designed. The case was mediated. The panelists for this one hour presentation; representing plaintiff’s counsel, defense counsel and the mediator; will discuss their roles and perspectives in investigating, litigating and mediating the case.”

Attorneys Craig Bramley and Travis Brennan gave a presentation titled “Emerging Issues in Professional Negligence Litigation.” Attorney Julian Sweet helped to prepare the presentation, but could not attend the MSBA conference because he was at a trial in Penobscot County.

Here’s the description of the presentation given by Bramley and Brennan:

“This presentation will discuss new issues that have arisen in the context of professional negligence claims, including the scope of medical providers’ duties, the continuing course of negligent treatment doctrine and its application to health care systems, the use of fraudulent concealment to enlarge the statute of limitations, and negligence claims arising from the delivery of care by integrated health care systems. This presentation will explore these emerging issues in the context of recent cases and discuss the practical implications that these issues have in shaping the future course of professional negligence claims.”

The presentation by O’Connell and Furbish, titled “Lien on Me: The Case Ain’t Over Till It’s Over,” was part of a series of talks hosted by the John Waldo Ballou Inn of Court. It was held Jan. 27 at the Tarratine Club in Bangor.

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