Berman & Simmons’ annual challenge focuses on employee health

LEWISTON, Maine, October 20, 2015 – More than 50 lawyers and staff members at Berman & Simmons recently participated in the law firm’s annual Wellness Challenge, logging more than 59 million steps and competing in weekly challenges aimed at promoting good health and teamwork.

All of the participants 13 teams of 4 people tracked their daily activity with Garmin Vivofit Fitness Bands. Collectively, the firm reached 59,169,294 steps, topping the goal of 55.5 million, said Craig Bramley, Managing Director at Berman & Simmons, the leading personal injury and medical malpractice law firm in Maine.

Throughout the 12-week competition, lawyers challenged team members to beat his or her steps for that week and rolled out other team challenges, including: eating five servings of fruits and vegetables daily; trying a new exercise; avoiding sweets; walking with teammates at lunch; and doing 800 sit-ups.

“The health of our employees matters. As a firm, we encourage our lawyers and staff members to be active and to stay up-to-date on the latest information in health and fitness,” Bramley said. “A law firm can be a stressful environment. We take our jobs seriously because the work we do has an impact on the lives of our clients. The Wellness Challenge is a good outlet to keep us physically and mentally sharp, to manage that stress, and to encourage our employees to adopt healthier habits.”

Berman & Simmons is among a growing number of Maine companies that are investing time and resources toward employee wellness. There are many benefits, including lowering health insurance costs, improving teamwork, morale, and employee recruitment and retention. About three out of four companies nationwide now offer wellness programs, such as risk assessments, health coaching, friendly competitions, and nutrition classes, according to the Kaiser Foundation.