Attorneys Gideon and Curtis among faculty at Maine State Bar Association event

Berman & Simmons attorneys Benjamin Gideon and Alicia Curtis will once again serve as faculty for the Legal Year in Review seminar and webcast hosted by the Maine State Bar Association. The event will be held on Nov. 16 at the Augusta Civic Center.

The presentation by Gideon and Curtis will cover a wide range of topics in the field of civil procedure and evidence, including recent rule changes and significant changes in the law.

Fewer than 20 lawyers from around the state were selected to serve as faculty for the event. Attorneys who attend the presentations get the opportunity to learn from Gideon, Curtis, and other experience lawyers from the top law firms in Maine, while earning continuing legal education (CLE) credits that are required to maintain good standing with the Maine Board of Overseers of the Bar.

Teaching efforts of the attorneys at Berman & Simmons reflect the firm’s commitment to the advancement of the law in Maine through legal education, and its good relationships with other law firms and solo practitioners.

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