How Long Should You Be Sore After a Car Accident?

Soreness and Discomfort May Be Temporary – But Can Also Be Signs of More Serious Injury

Most of us aren’t doctors, but all of us know how soreness feels. We may not be able to diagnose a serious injury, but we know when we’re hurt. That distinction between feeling soreness and discomfort and understanding its cause can make it hard for you to know how long you should be sore after a car accident.

Many car crashes cause apparent and severe injuries to drivers or passengers. In such cases, first responders will arrive at the scene quickly and provide needed medical attention, followed by additional treatment at a hospital. If an accident victim suffers from broken bones, burns, severe sprains, a traumatic brain injury, or back injury, pain and soreness are inevitable. Victims of these injuries can expect discomfort to continue into the healing process, though it should diminish as their bodies heal and they receive proper medical care.

Not All Car Accident Injuries Are Visible

But other collisions that don’t necessarily involve crumpled car frames or shattered glass may not cause visible injuries. Even without outward signs of injury, individuals in such accidents often feel soreness, either immediately after a crash or in the days and weeks that follow.

Soreness is normal after a sudden impact that you and your body did not anticipate. The amount of pain you feel and how long you feel it depends on several factors, like the severity and nature of the crash, your age, and your overall health. As with more apparent or serious injuries, a level of soreness can be expected after the trauma of an accident.

But if that soreness gets worse, not better, in the days and weeks after an accident, it could be a sign that you have a more severe injury than you initially thought.

Why and When You Should See a Doctor for Soreness After a Car Crash

Because most of us can’t diagnose and treat injuries beyond cuts, bruises, or sprains, it is critical to seek medical attention after an accident, even if you don’t think you are hurt. That may involve treatment by EMTs at the scene, a trip to the ER, or a scheduled appointment with your doctor. A physician can examine you, conduct appropriate tests, and identify and treat any serious issues that may not be readily apparent.

Whether or not you receive medical care after your accident, it is distinctly possible for soreness and pain to return or increase in intensity long after it should have dissipated. If that occurs, see your doctor as soon as you can. More serious injuries, like brain injuries and internal injuries, could cause added soreness. These injuries can cause permanent damage or even death if you don’t receive needed treatment when symptoms arise.

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